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Interactive Motorcycle Magazine

The weather has been rather uncooperative lately, and instead of riding I have spent an inordinate amount of time with my computer. As a result of this, I have found a website which is just the thing for whiling away those rainy days.

Interactive Motorcycle is one of the new breed of “E-`zines” which is springing up all over the web. The contents are varied and eclectic, with an emphasis on sport riding and rider safety issues. Here is how they describe themselves:

“… Think of it as the digital equivalent of the novel you couldn’t put down, the scathing editorial you just had to respond to, or the unexpected serendipity that made your day. Our fiction and features are provocative and true-to-life-the kind of stuff those of us who have been with motorcycling for a while have probably seen, done, or thought about doing somewhere along the line. You will find no advertisements here; the site is created and supported by independent contributors who wish to add content and color to motorcycle-related literature above and beyond that dictated by the realities of economics and politics.

If you’re looking for something that reaches far beyond the latest sportbike shootout, the last Great Blue Ridge Parkway Tour, or a review of the best riding suit-if you sometimes prefer a used motorcycle to a new one, a kickstarter to a key, or choose a vintage Norton over the 916-if you’ve ever found yourself alone at night cresting the top of a 10,000-foot pass in a rainstorm, or ridden 500 miles for a cup of coffee-this magazine is for you. If you enjoy compelling literature and original fiction-this magazine is also for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a more prosaic brand of literary fare, you may find our content a bit scandalous. We’re betting that, as a motorcyclist, you don’t fit that profile and will find at least one item within our virtual pages that will move, excite, outrage, or amuse you.

We are ardent supporters of free speech and commerce, and reject political correctness in all its odious forms in favor of grit, respect and honesty. We enjoy and invite controversy. Join us. We want your comments and contributions. If you have suggestions, or an article, editorial, photo, or original artwork that relates to motorcycling in an unusual, controversial, or provocative way, please let us know. Enjoy your stay.”

I have spent hours perusing this site, and still haven’t read everything. They seem to update about once a month, but they have an archive system which retains pretty much everything they have ever published, so you can literally spend an entire rainy weekend reading some very high-quality moto-literature and still never get to the bottom. I highly recommend this site to anyone who enjoys reading Peter Egan in Cycle World, or my own Diary of a Cafe Racer. You can log-on to Interactive Motorcycle at: Happy Reading!


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