by Victor Wanchena

This July is a month full of important events and milestones of a motorcycling nature. Now that spring (winter) has finally broken its strangle hold on our beloved weather pattern we can get down to the business at hand. Riding, riding, and more riding without the need for heated clothing, parkas or bonfires.

First, if you haven’t already marked your calendar, the 17th of July is Ride To Work Day. Even if you are not a regular motorcycle commuter this is the day to ride to work. The importance of this day cannot be stressed enough. We as motorcyclists need to remind our employers and the public in general how many of us there are and to demonstrate the positive impact we have on traffic and parking situations. Need to motivate the boss to designate a motorcycle only parking area? How can he say no to 10 leather clad employees. Tired of fighting bumper to bumper traffic on the freeways? It may not be any better on a bike but at least look cooler. And on top of that social action type stuff is the best part, it’s a reason to ride. For those slightly unsure about commuting on two wheels, give it a try you might just like it. For those of unemployed or retired, get a job, if only for this one special day. The rest of you, no excuses this is not an optional event . Remember we’re watching. If would like more information please visit www.ridetowork.org.

It is with great pleasure that I join with motorcyclists everywhere in giving Harley-Davidson a hearty round of applause for the beginning of their 100th year. H-D will kick off their festivities this year in Atlanta and I have a feeling the party will run pretty much non-stop through till next year. Few companies have lasted that long in a country just over 225 years old. Their trials and tribulations are an American saga. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the Motor Company’s products or not, you cannot deny the deep impact H-D has made on motorcycling around the globe. And thanks in no small part to their efforts motorcycling has risen from the doldrums and is experiencing a second golden age.

Lastly, I am proud to point out that this is MMM’s 50th issue. 6 long years ago an intrepid pair, Troy Johnson and Dan Hartman, founded this paper and began to build what has become Minnesota’s premiere motorcycling newspaper. We come a long way in that time and are proud to be a part of the motorcycling fabric of this great state. As we enter our 7th year of production we promise to keep the presses rolling continue to deliver a quality publication. Thank you as readers for helping make this all possible.

So ride fast, take chances and this month do it on your way to work.


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