“Rumble in the Bronx”video50
Directed by Stanley Tong
New Line Cinema 1995
87 minutes

 by Tammy Wanchena

Paul Bunyan was as tall as a pine tree, weighed several tons and Jackie Chan could kick his ass. Jackie’s stronger than Charles Atlas and has more moves than MC Hammer on amphetamines! This little Asian dude can take on a gang of thirty martial arts experts and still make it to the Karaoke stage in one piece. He’s so cool he has his own cartoon series. Eat your heart out, Rambo.

Keung (Jackie Chan) travels from Hong Kong to New York to attend his uncle’s wedding. He agrees to stay in the Big Apple to protect his uncle’s market while the newlyweds are away on their honeymoon. When thugs from the local street gang attempt to shoplift half of the store, it’s up to Jackie to teach them some manners. But gang members don’t take kindly to ass kicking strangers and they terrorize Jackie and his new friends. But wait, there’s more! Greed from one of the gang members brings the mob into the picture and until they find their missing diamonds, no one is safe. Especially the innocent little neighbor boy in the wheelchair who’s stripping sister takes a liking to Jackie. But who cares about the plot? We watch for the kung fu!

A debate could be made that “Rumble in the Bronx” is not exactly a biker flick. True, it is best known for karate action, however there are some terrific bike scenes. The street thugs ride around on dirt bikes and perform some pretty cool stunts. One of my favorites is when two girls each hop on their bike on opposite sides of the street and race atop a row of parked cars to see who can get the farthest but are stopped by Jackie’s attempt to spare his uncle’s loaner car. That, along with the fact that I am short on time this month, makes “Rumble in the Bronx” a biker classic.

Originally filmed in Cantonese, the film is dubbed in English. The film’s original title is Hong faan kui. Anita Mui, Francoise Yip, Marc Akerstream, Garvin Cross and Morgan Lam star alongside Mr. Chan though to the best of my knowledge, only Jackie performs his own stunts. Warning: do not attempt to perform these stunts at home. The screaming upsets your neighbors and you’ll risk breaking valuables.


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