review by Gus Breiland

Over the years I have purchased a few “older” motorcycles that seam to be lacking in the recharging systems. Not only do they have difficulty running their own headlights and other standard / stock electrical items, but when you include additional strains such as heated vests, heated grips, a GPS, or say a blender that plugs directly into the bike, sometimes the battery doesn’t recover like the youthful bikes of today.

Now quite a few of you are asking why the hell I am running so many modern conveniences on a motorcycle. Am I not “Free” from gear59the corporate world? Shouldn’t I be throwing the shackles of consumerism aside as I cruise the highways and byways? How can I be righteous in my Power Ranger suit with all of the conveniences of modern life running, keeping me sane and comfortable? Very easily. Last month I had a little rant on gear. The better your gear, the better your ride. I have seen too many bikers end their rides because the weather is too cold, too wet, no tunes…etc. With gear comes the necessity to keep your bikes electrical system in tiptop shape, starting with the battery.

The Battery Tender Plus is the best trickler battery maintenance product that I have used. The package contains the recharging unit, a pigtail that you attach to the battery on the bike for easy hook up and a set of clamps for trickle charging a stand-alone battery or possibly another bike. The pigtail is sold separately if you have multiple motorcycles that your alternate between. Ride bike one during the day, throw bike two on the trickle and have it ready for tomorrow. There is nothing in the world that will piss a rider off more than waking up to start your day and finding your bike dead. You might as well start your day without a cup of coffee. What are you going to do now? Yeah, you could drive your car, but my guess is you are going to call in sick and watch your “stories”.

I use my Battery Tender Plus year round. When the battery is not in my bike (say between December through March) it is in my basement keeping a full charge until next year. I have a Tender in my garage for the bike of the season (winter bike, regular bike) and a Tender in the basement for battery upkeep over the winter. This fully automatic recharger is hassle free and quite easy to use. Just install your pigtail and every night when you pull into the garage, plug your bike in. Done. Unplug yourself in the morning and you are ready to ride. The only hassle left is keeping gas in your tank and air in your tires.

My motorcycle has a notoriously weak recharging system. This is fine for long runs. Keep it at highway speeds volts and my recharging system will keep up all day long. But around town, which is the majority of my riding, I have to make a decision on whether my torso should stay warm, my fingers, or neither if it is really stop and go. Yes, I could buy a new motorcycle. But what kind of fun would it be having a bike that starts and does everything that I ask it to. I would rather stalk my friends at work and see if they could help bump start the bike. Or I could attach a simple little hook up to my battery and plug it in when I get home. The next morning, the battery will be at full strength and I will be on your way.

You can get yours at Aerostich in Duluth. Take a Saturday morning ride to Eight South 18th Ave West. On the web at Or call 1-800-222-1994. As for Catalog No. 2504. List price if $49.00, but I am sure if you say MMM sent you, they will charge you $49.00. The power of MMM reaches far and wide.


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