by Victor Wanchena

Every religion and culture has its own holy day or celebration time, a day in the year where you’re supposed to give pause and celebrate or give thanks or maybe even repent. From Buzzard’s Day to Thanksgiving, there’s a day to celebrate almost everything. So where is the holiday for motorcyclists? We need a day where we can give thanks for our wonderful machines, remind others of the many good aspects of riding and maybe even undo some of that bad moto-karma by doing a good deed for motorcycling. But which day? It needs to be in the summer months. It should be a positive and so on. The choice is obvious and clear, there is but one day that can ever really be motorcycling’s holiday. I would like to declare Ride-To-Work Day as the official motorcyclists’ holiday.

Ride-To-Work Day is celebrated each year on the third Wednesday in July. This year it’s July 21st. Ride-To-Work Day is so simple in its concept but the effects of participating are far reaching. Participation is so simple it’s laughable. No kneeling for hours with arms outstretched, chants or long prayers to memorize. Instead as you head out the door throw a leg over your favorite bike and head to work. That’s it, how simple could it be? No presents to buy, no long list of cards to send or poultry to roast, just take a ride to work.

Combining all the positive attributes of other lesser holidays, Ride-To-Work Day is our way of celebrating motorcycling and reminding others that more people on two wheels is a very good thing. If you don’t think being a good will ambassador for motorcycling is even necessary, go back to doing burn outs in front of the convent full of nuns at 3am and see how that works out for you. Ride-To-Work Day is your way of helping say to the world at large that you are a motorcyclist and you are better because of it. When you arrive at work refreshed with a smile on your face you can smugly watch your fellow employees fight for parking spots from your motorcycle only parking space. And if you don’t have a nice M/C only space this is a great way to show the boss that you and your fellow riders really need one. As the water cooler topic turns to gas prices and horrors of $50 for a single tank-full, you can quip that your last fill-up was a five spot and change. Then when you’re riding extra courteously in traffic it might help remind all the other commuters that the more motorcycles on the road, the more room for other traffic.

All of this from just riding to work? You bet! The more we are out there on a day-to-day basis providing the general public with a positive image of motorcycling the better motorcycling becomes. The more we let our bikes become garage jewelry, considered by those around us as just a toy, the more motorcycles will be marginalized by society at large. So if you only ride to work one day out of the year, make July 21st Ride-To-Work Day motorcycling’s annual holiday. For more information visit www.ridetowork.org

Ride fast, take chances.


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