by Victor Wanchena

The annual motorcyclist’s holiday is right around the corner. The third Wednesday of July is Ride To Work Day, the high holy day of the motorcyclist’s calendar. More important than Daytona, greater social impact than Sturgis, RTW is the day where we as riders demonstrate to the general public that motorcycles aren’t for degenerates or rabble-rousers. Motorcyclists are instead friends and neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances, normal people who simply choose a different mode of transportation.

For years now I have been ranting every July about all the wonderful reasons to participate in RTW. Most of my riding friends have grown tired of my boring one-track conversations and simply tune me out. And these are people that like me. So I can only imagine what kind of reactions my July mono-topic column gets from readers. So this year I figured I’d get wise and try some reverse psychology. (For you uber-geeks and Trekies out there, this is where I become “Evil Kirk”.) So in no particular order here are my top reasons NOT to ride to work.

After a long day in the office cubical farm, why would want to take a boring ride home? Instead of being free to ride where you want on your motorcycle, it is much more enjoyable to plod home on the same route like a good member of the collective. Instead, follow a grinding routine that stretches on into eternity. No end in sight. Just the same roads everyday; the same four-wheeled ball and chain. Your discontent simmering like the bitter soup of life.

Why be an individual on a motorcycle? It is much safer to blend in with the crowd. Being one of the nameless, faceless drones on the highway trudging to and from work is a joy that should not be interrupted by two-wheeled motorcycling nonsense. Any respectable person would shy away from the glitter of motorcycling, choosing instead to live in the drab world of four-wheeled cages. Your individualism would only be mocked and scorned.

Four-door sedans and mini-vans are far superior to anything with two-wheels and chrome. Nothing says fun like a cramped four-doored hot box with busted a/c and an AM only radio. Or maybe your fancy includes a spacious grocery getter with all the style and pizzazz that only a mini-van can capture.

My sarcasm may be on the thick side, but Ride To Work Day is very important. RTW helps demonstrate to all those around you that motorcycling is a positive part of your life not just some silly hobby. By taking to the roads on July 20th, you will help remind the non-riding public of all those positive aspects: like less space used on the road or in parking areas, better gas mileage, or even the generally better attitude someone has after a pleasant ride to work.

So whatever you do, do not visit www.ridetowork.org for more information. I hope no one even thinks about riding to work on July 20th.



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