Wolfman Expedition Tank Baggear86a

by Gus Breiland

Ok, so part of my grueling 24 hour a day, 7 days per week, 364 days (Editor Wanchena lets me take one day off…I’m a lucky man) a year job of gear reviewing leads me down the path of Mr. Murphy’s law over and over again.

Being that it is spring in Minnesota, one would expect water to be dumped on us by the bucket-full with a little hail and lightening to boot. All the more reason to buy the Wolfman Expedition Tank Bag to test their waterproof claims and functionality. Unfortunately, what little rain we have had has been during the weekday, So my tools, Mr. Happy and first aid kit have stayed dry while I toil under the boot of Heir Editor but actual riding during inclement weather has not happened.

So what do you do when your 2 days past deadline with no at-speed waterproofing tests under your belt? You line the inside of the tank bag with toilet paper and you drag out the hose. For 20 minutes I “washed” the bike hitting the tank bag at multiple angles with varying degrees of stream and mist. The bag held up to this little back yard tsunami leaving the contents, including the TP, dry as a bone.

Opening the tank bag is a little different than your run-of-the-mill water soaked zippered bag. The Expedition Tank Bag is a bowl with lid design. There is a Velcro strap on one end, and 2 plastic cinch clips on the other. Unfastening the 3 closures and pulling straight up, you find a removable bag on the underside of the lid for documents, keys, cell phone, whatever you may want to walk around with. The bowl has a rigid side with a secondary cover. The secondary cover has a cinch strap that closes by pulling the perimeter string and speed clip. Once that has been cinched, a strap that runs across the width of the bag is clipped to help hold the contents of the bowl in place and keep the bag rectangular.

With an available 24 liters, the tank bag is big enough for your weeklong trip or running to the store for a six-pack and a little something extra.

The whole bag is held in place by 4 plastic clipped straps. It is a solid mount and does not move in cross winds or curves. The underside is made of Tough-Tek non-scratch, non-skid bottom while the bowl and cover are made of heavy duty PVC which resists scratching, tears and UV.

My only issue with the tank bag is there is not a magnetic option, so you are unbuckling 2 clips during fueling. Is this really an issue? It depends. If you are on a scavenger hunt and time is of the essence, it may seem like it takes forever to get the bag unclipped, bike gassed and bag clipped again but if you are out for your weekend retreat or weeklong excursion the extra time is of no concern.

The Wolfman Expedition Tank Bag Large is 13 inches long by 8.75 inches wide. It is made for a slopped, tank and is 9.5 inches in the front (riders belly) and 5.75 inches in the back (handlebars). The height adjusts by about 3 inches. You can mount it backwards if you prefer the map case sloped towards you more, and it still works just fine.

I would highly recommend this tank bag. It is functional, simple and ready for any riding you throw at it. You can find the Wolfman Expedition Tank Bag Large for $159.99 in either Yellow and Black or just Black online at www.wolfmanluggage.com. You will also find Wolfman’s full line of Expedition and standard soft motorcycle luggage. Locally, Aerostich (www.aerostich.com) also carries a nice selection of the Wolfman line, including this tank bag.


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