by Gus Breiland

All right, I’ll be the first to admit that I have drank from the Kool-Aid Aerostich flavor and I must say it was refreshing. I am a card carrying member of the ‘stich fashion police and will sing its’ praises to whomever will listen.

Of all of the gear that I own from this company, the one item that I am almost guaranteed to have with me is my man purs…err…I mean my Aerostich Courier Bag. I can say that 90% of the time that I am leaving my house, the Courier bag is with me.

It started innocently enough. I had a motorcycle with no way to carry stuff, and where I was going, I needed said stuff. Part of motorcycling is making the vehicle more useful. As I continued to expand my uses of the motorcycle, my need for more and more carrying spaces increased. I added a top case to my motorcycle and the Courier Bag became an insert / liner to the top case. Simply open the top case and grab the bag. The best part of using something wearable as the insert to your top case is if you acquire something on the road, you can place it in the top case and wear the Courier bag home.

The Courier bag is made of Cordura, with a waterproof coating on the inside. The Cordura stands up to the wear and tear of daily commuting. This bag has endured 5 years of my daily routine without a loose stitch, and has even absorbed a 35mph get off with very little surface damage to show for it. After sliding about 20 feet, the Cordura showed a little scuff, and the adjustable strap closure had a grind mark on it, but was still functional. This is no Public Radio tote bag.

The bag has a simple flap to the inside, held down by 2 quick-release straps and a solid band of hook and loop across the front, holding your valuables tight and cozy; even dry in light to medium weather. There is a stability strap that goes around your torso to keep the bag in its place on your back as you are riding, and a removable, adjustable shoulder pad to help bear the weight of those two of 6 packs of your favorite suds.

On the inside are 2 pockets that hold your smaller items such as a wallet, Ipod, or small notebook. A hook is sewn inside to hang your keys in an easily accessible location, versus having to rake through the contents of your purs…Courier bag.

This is a day trip bag, saddlebag liner, camera bag, grocery bag and even my travel bag while on vacation. On top of a simple, easy to use design, Aerostich has seen fit to make sure you can “customize” your bag to work for almost any of your activities. There are plenty of attachments to the strap that include, but are not limited, to water bottles, eyeglass holders and map holders. You can also get an insert that holds your pens, change, and loose papers in the bag so it doesn’t become a black hole you could very well create.

Give Aerostich a call, visit them online, or visit them up in Duluth. You can get the Courier bag measuring 12” x 7” x 18” for $87, or there are 2 smaller versions and one larger version to the Courier to meet your needs. 6 different colors allow you to accessorize with style and as they are quite affordable, you may want to buy a couple. One for daily use, one as your camping kit, and maybe another for those fancy dinners and formal affairs you attend.


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