by Stephen “Hell Cat” Heller

Rummy Gets A Scooter It’s over; there is no longer a scooter sub-culture. If it wasn’t for the designers putting scooters into just about every ad on television, and print that, killed it, Rummy finally has. Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense, has reportedly purchased an LXV 150 Vespa to drive around suburban Washington D.C. The LXV is the top of the line Vespa with a real leather saddle seat, pillion seat, and a headset in the classic “handlebar” style. I get yelled at while riding my scooter; I don’t think that I would want to hear what gets shouted at Mr. Rumsfeld.

20,000 Miles For Peace It started last year. Alix Bryan is riding around the United States on her Genuine Buddy 125 scooter forming a large peace sign with her route. 11,000 miles and the inside finished, Alix started completing the 9000 mile loop on May 2nd and is estimated to arrive in Minnesota around July 12-15th. As her website explains it “I hope to inspire people to define Peace and create more of it in their daily lives.” If you would like to meet up with Alix, or help her out, please visit her website and read her travel blog.

Regulars Ride Revival My first group ride was with The Regulars Sunday ride around Minneapolis and St. Paul. Over the years, the ride has fizzled to just a couple scooters, or none at all. An effort is being made to make the ride leaving from Pizza Luce on the 1st and 3rd Sundays a big one. The past couple of weekends there have been up to 20 scooters eating pizza then taking a ride in a buzzing formation of scooters. As it is said “meet at 1, ride at 2; sharp.”

scooter104Zuma 125 I mentioned last month that Yamaha would finally be bringing the T-Max scooter to the United States. There is a second treat for the Yamaha scooter fans; the Zuma will be getting a big brother in 125cc. The 125cc Zuma that we will be seeing in the US, as far as I can tell, looks the same as the one unveiled at the Tokyo Motorshow as a “concept scooter”. The new Zuma is already up on the Yamaha website, with an expected delivery date of September. The ’09 4-valve, four-stroke is a beefier version of the 50; with an exposed, tubular frame and the dual, bug-eyed headlights that we have grown accustomed to. The 125 Zuma will be fuel injected and reportedly sips a gallon of gas over the course of 88 miles.

Moped To South America While on vacation in San Francisco, I stopped by a couple of scooter shops. San Francisco is legendary for the number of scooters that populate its streets and the huge turnouts at their scooter rally (300+).

At SF MOTO AKA First Kick Scooters, I picked up a copy of a scooter book I hadn’t seen before. Moped To South America, Photographs by Graham French. It is a book of great photos documenting three long journeys by moped, including one from San Francisco to the southern tip of South America. Riding at 30 mph, this book shows that is not about the destination as much as the journey itself. For a copy of the book, or to read the writer’s blog, go to


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