By Victor Wanchena

This month MMM turns 20. We’re not quite old enough for a legal drink, but that’s a long time for a motorcycle publication. It an even longer time for a group of motorcyclists equipped with just enough publishing experience to be dangerous. But, what we lacked in knowhow we made up for in passion and desire.

So on the occasion of our 20th anniversary, I want to say thank you. There are so many people, organizations, and movements that have influenced MMM over the years that I will inevitably miss someone in this heartfelt thank you, but here goes anyways.

First, I have to thank the advertisers. Without them the bills don’t get paid. We have always been blessed with an advertising base that has supported us through thick and thin. Their financial support has made these very pages possible. So to anyone that’s ever placed an ad in MMM, thank you.

Second, to all the writers I say thank you. We have always been graced with a wide variety of talented writers. Their broad and varied voice has represented all corners of motorcycling. And without them MMM would have been exceedingly boring. I especially want to remember three MMM writers no longer with us. The witty Brian Day, the king of commentary Louis Cypher, and the exceedingly charming BJ Max. Godspeed to the three of them.

Third, I need to thank the production staff. Over the years several people have served their time under my oppressive rule slaving away to produce each issue of MMM. Without their tireless work no issues would ever have made it to print. Thank you Guido Ebert, Troy Johnson, Erin Hartman, Bruce Mike, Sev Pearman, Dave Soderholm, and Tammy Wanchena.

And last, I need to thank you the readers. You all truly are the most important piece in the funky jigsaw puzzle that is MMM. You have read us without fail. You have sent us angry letters. You have supported advertisers. And you contributed your own stories. Without you none of this would have happened. To you I owe a deep debt of gratitude. I wanted to include a pithy quote on gratitude or thanks, but they all sounded like I’d been wandering the greeting card aisle. Instead I will simply say again, thank you.

Where will MMM be in another 20 years? Who knows and only time will tell. We have no desire to quit and we still laugh at our own jokes. So as long advertisers keep using us, writers keep contributing, staffers keep enduring, and readers keep reading we’ll keep publishing.

Ride fast, take chances.

V. Wanchena



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