by Troy Johnson


It is the Year of the Twins. The Japanese manufacturers have finally jumped on the twin cylinder sportbike bandwagon with the Suzuki TL1000 and Honda’s VTR1000F. Interestingly, Yamaha has been selling a twin cylinder, trellis framed sportbike for a few years now, in Europe. The Yamaha is based upon the parallel twin engine that we last saw here in the short-lived TDM 850 dual-sport. This is a great engine and waiting for it to come back in a full-on sportbike is growing tedious.

David Anderson has chosen to give up the wait and go the do-it-yourself route. A former CRA racer who had an itch to get back on the track, David figured the TDM had the guts to make it a good roadracer. It just needed the right legs.

A little bit of planning and shopping in the back of Cycle News brought the pieces together. What you see here is a TDM frame, motor and rear end. The forks and front wheel used to live on the front end of a now


deceased 1994 Yamaha YZF 750. The fairing is of the standard Yamaha FZR persuasion. A Yoshimura pipe and mild engine work have this thing singing a siren song that is extremely hard to resist.

A couple of things had to change in order to get the front end together. The steering stem needed a bit of machine work before it would be accepted by the TDM and YZF parts at the same time. The YZF handlebars are much lower than the originals on the TDM and the tank was too wide up front to allow them to move. A little sawing and welding now has the tank residing within the frame rails.

I brought test rider Michael Kamrad along to take this bike for a spin. He came back wearing a big grin. “It works!”


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