hip9by Dan Hartman

On Sunday, I did something I have never done before. I went to church on my motorcycle.

Cross Of Christ Community Church, 1985 Diffley Road, Eagan, sponsors an annual biker’s service. The pastor and his wife are enthusiasts, and every year they open their congregation to the hundreds of motorcyclists who ride out to show up.

It was a beautiful morning. It had rained over night, but by 9:30am the sun was out, and it was warming up. The coffee was hot, and it gave everyone a chance to wake up and visit with each other before the service. After half an hour of music, the service began with the blessing of the motorcycle riders.

The pastor, Rev. Rich Breu, asked God to protect the riders over the summer. Now, I’ve been riding for over eight years, and I’ve never been blessed before in quite this way. It felt good. And it certainly can’t hurt to have God on your side. Didn’t He play for the Packers last season?

The rest of the service included more music and a sermon by Pastor Breu. After I had a chance to meet him and talk to him, I was impressed by his sincere desire to help motorcycle riders.

Once the service was over, church members prepared a lunch for everyone there. We lined up and feasted. A bike rodeo was planned for the afternoon, and many were going to stay to make a day of it.

I must also say it was heavenly to see motorcycles parked row upon row again. I almost forgot how beautiful they look. And their riders were great people. They were fun to talk to and friendly. I met a guy with a San Francisco Harley T-shirt on. We talked about the time I flew to California and rented a Harley in San Francisco through the Harley Owners Group. I rode the California Coast, and it was unbelievable. Everyone there had common ground like this to share.

Pastor Rich Breu is one of the gems of the motorcycle community. I want to thank him and the members of the Cross Of Christ Community Church. They worked hard to prepare food, register people, clean up and make the day a success.


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