M.M.M. Presents Project Turd

 PART 5–Smelling Like Flowers

by Ken Madden

It was 75 degrees and sunny. I had almost all the parts to finish the Turd, but before working on it, I decided to take it for a ride. I bolted on the parts it needed to run and drive and put the rear fender on, so I had somewhere to tape the wiring down.

I thought I should probably change the oil…NAH. I start it: it has plenty of oil. I turned on the gas. First kick? One pop. Second kick? Sputter. Third kick? It was running; it was alive! Now I had to ride it. At least around the block. To check for leaks!?! It had no brake light or plate, but my neighborhood is relatively traffic free. What the heck.

pt1_aI pulled in the clutch lever. It pulled harder than it should. When I put it into first it bucked forward and stalled. A quick adjustment and one kick had it running again. The clutch still pulled hard, but it fully engaged this time. I put it into gear and got on it. After about 200 feet in first gear, I went to shift and…BOINK!…the clutch cable snapped. I killed it and rolled quietly back down the hill to my garage. That is when I noticed the gas leak.

I turned the fuel off and wiped the spilled gas from the engine. The old fuel lines were shot. New rubber lines from the local auto parts store took care of the leak. The clutch cable wasn’t salvageable. It had too many kinks and wear spots, so I am getting another one&emdash;unfortunately not in time for this article.

Other than the busted cable the old 650 runs fine.

I finished putting it together, and, wow, it looks neat. The color is strange. Copper with gold metal flake and copper pearl added. HUGE thanks go to Bruce Bush at Wizard Custom Studios for his spraying prowess and wacky interpretation of “I’d like it copperish.” The Wizard and “Say No to Pink” Mike were a big help during these months of working on the Turd. Thanks guys.

I have a few parts to get and some adjustments to make (the clutch lever hits the bar-end mirror, etc.), but it is all minor stuff. The Turd should be on the road by the time you read this. Look around at the Java Hut or Whiskey Junction this summer.pt2_d

Did I stay under the $500.00 goal? Let’s see…

  • Cost of bike, $50.00
  • Battery, $20.00
  • Clutch Cable, $12.00
  • Tach Cable, $10.00
  • Tires, $30.00
  • Tail Light, $2.00
  • Struts, $20.00
  • Seat, $10.00
  • Paint and Body, $200.00
  • Polishing Supplies, $20.00
  • Cleansers, Wire Brushes, Beer, etc., $35.00

Total Dollars, $409.00

There are 80-90 hours of work in the Turd.

The trick of building on a budget is to hunt the swap meets and bike shops for used parts. You will be surprised how much is out there for the wholesale price or a lot less!!

pt5_bThanks to The Wizard and crew, MC Specialties, Big Jim, Gumps, Jack Knife, Cory H., Trackstar, Logan Jazz, C&M Cycle and Troy at M.M.M. for thinking this was a good idea.


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