by Dan Hartman

Memorial Day was last weekend. Spring is over, and summer is here. I can’t reminder so pleasant a spring in Minnesota. It made me happy to be up here in the northland…at least this year. The weather was warm and sunny; the weekends were perfect, and motorcycles were everywhere. I love to see so many bikes on the road. The other day I met a young woman at a restaurant. She road up on a street bike. It was brand new, her first one. She was having fun riding around the Twin Cities, and when I left after breakfast she gave me the high sign as she rode away. I hope that was a good omen and summer will be as good as spring.

June looks good for my bike and me. In a few weeks I will be off to the big reunion in Milwaukee, WI. Harley-Davidson is having a party, and all of its bikes are invited home for the weekend. This is my second time heading back to Milwaukee. The first time was five years ago, and my first Harley was brand new. The 90th anniversary was a great time, and the 95th looks just as promising. I’ll tell you all about it in July.

I received an interesting letter from Barnes & Noble&emdash;you know, the big corporate bookstore. We had been distributing newspapers at a few of their stores since we started the newspaper over two years ago. They are now telling us to stop distributing the paper at their stores. You can read the letter yourself. It’s reproduced in “Letters, Comments, Whatever…” this issue. I guess we aren’t classy enough for them. It’s too bad that a major bookstore like Barnes & Noble, with many free newspapers in its doorway, couldn’t find room for the only motorcycle newspaper in the Twin Cities. People who ride motorcycles do read, and independent bookstores like the Hungry Mind in St. Paul still carry M.M.M.

Distribution is an important part of any newspaper. We spend a lot of time putting together this newspaper, but it has to get to you, so you can read it. M.M.M. thanks all of our distributors.

These are the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. It’s time to enjoy yourself. Get out there and have fun. There will be many beautiful days to ride and many adventurous routes to discover. Drop me a line about your plans and/or experiences. I share my trips with you. You can do the same. We love to publish your letters.

Ride safe and be free.


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