by Dan Hartman

I must tell you it’s been a hard spring for me. Life has been so damn busy that I can’t find enough time to ride my motorcycle or anything else for that matter. Work, work, work is all it’s about. People just don’t have enough time to play anymore. Take this spring as an example. The weather (as motorcyclists we all live by the weather) broke in early April and started to get nice. The days were dry and sunny even though it was a little cold, but in Minnesota we don’t care about the cold. People were out riding, but I was out of town on business. I had no chance to ride.

The first time I got out riding was on Mother’s Day. It was a beautiful day and I rode all around the Twin Cities with no place to go. But the rains of April came in May. It’s been a record year for rain in Minnesota. I finally hit the road once more this last week. It was a nice evening and I had the chance to share my seat with friend of mine a ride. The only problem, it wasn’t long enough. I love the feeling of riding. After a long and difficult day at the office, I like to go home and just ride for awhile. The stress of the day melts away and I feel good again. I’m hoping for a dry June. I’ve had enough rain this year.

Later this summer I’m riding out west with some friends. This year we’re going to head for the mountains of Colorado. After a few days, we’ll turn north for the Black Hills of South Dakota and the Sturgis Rally. It should be a great trip. I always have a great time with these folks. My niece is coming with me this year and it’ll be her first long trip on a motorcycle. I hope she has a good time.

Last month I wrote about Excelsior-Henderson and the problems they were having with start-up capital. Then a couple weeks ago, I read in the Star Tribune that they got a loan to continue their production and the situation wasn’t as bad as expected. Sounds good to me. I’m glad for them and am sure they will be successful. Did anyone out there buy some of E-H stock at the low prices? Drop me a line if you did. I would like to know. It was a smart move on your part.

Do me a favor. As you plan your vacation trips this summer, drop me a line at M.M.M. or e-mail me at wdhart@aol.com. Tell me about your plans. It should be a great summer for all of us if only the rain holds off for awhile. Ride safe and be free.


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