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by Sev Pearman 

Good news for all you two-stroke fans. Advanced Fuel Technologies of Apple Valley, (CA) has announced independent confirmation of their cleaner 2-stroke carb. Combining a new carburetor design with a catalytic converter, AFT claims a reduction of at-idle hydrocarbon emissions (unburnt fuel) by a staggering 99%! CO emissions were equally slashed, with demonstrated reductions of 97%.

Results are cleaner at all throttle openings, with claimed over-all averaged reductions of 85% (hydrocarbons) and 80% (CO gas.) No word as to changes in torque and horsepower. AFT Vice-President Michael Edmonston does state “the (independent) tests prove that harmful emissions…from the popular 2-cycle engine can be cleaned up while improving engine performance.” Both the National Park Service & the evil California Air Resources Board are interested.

While the direct research was on a Polaris 550cc snowmobile motor, the technology is equally applicable to two-wheel motors. AFT cites successful independent 1998 tests, performed by California Environmental Engineering, with two-stroke Honda motorcycles.

Best of all, AFT has immediate plans to offer retrofit kits for snowmobiles, watercraft, outboard engines and 2-stroke off-road vehicles. Can you say clean, get-the-man-off-my-back RMs and CRs?

AFT can be reached @ 760.240.5903

Department Of Duh!
Always slow to befriend motorcycle issues, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently published their findings that more than two-thirds of automobile/motorcycle crashes are caused by drivers, not riders. Savvy readers already know that these figures were published almost twenty years ago in the popularly titled ‘Hurt Report.’

Citing the dreaded ‘intersection left-turner’ and drivers not checking prior to lane changes, NHTSA reminds drivers to be aware of motorcyclists. MMM would like to remind riders to be hyper-aware of cage zombies.

For rider training, call the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) @ 763.784.1488 or Folks, there are Volvos out there, and they have declared open season on us.

Straight, No Chaser
Wasting no time after kicking MMM out of our former office space, owners of Motor Oil Café are open for business. Located in the Trackstar Motorsports complex, Motor Oil is a vintage-themed, what else?, coffee shop.

A perfect place to kill time while your tires are mounted, or a great meeting place pre and post-ride, Motor Oil is a welcome addition in our riding community. They open early and close late.

Motor Oil Café is located @ 2610 East 32nd Street, Mpls. 612.728.8657

Hometown Boys Kick Daytona Butt!
Say, who was that all over the pages of teabag-glossie Classic Bike? Our own Dr. Rob Tuluie is featured in their Daytona coverage in their May, 2000 issue. Tuluie, winner of the BEARS race, is shown in a glorious 2-page photo bearing down on self-proclaimed deity Hasse Gustafson. Rob is also posed astride his potent creation, the Tul-Aris, in a photo worthy of Boy & Bike calendar. Remember; you read it in here first.

CB also gives good press to the always-lethal Adam Popp, winner Formula 750 race, and RD400-mounted Chris Spargo, winner Formula 500 race. Congratulations, guys!

Hell / fundraisers!
The message may have been riding with God as your co-pilot, but the meat was a fundraiser for Special Olympics at the 7th annual Blessing of the Bikes. Hosted by Cross of Christ Community Church in Lakeville, the event is open to all brands, riders and non-riders alike.

The brainchild of Pastor Rich Breau, the event is about fellowship and charity rides. It felt more like a typical club meeting than a call to the pulpit of internal combustion. A steady stream of folks mooching coffee and donuts started arriving early, until the lot was filled with more than 450 cycles, mainly H-D and Goldwing’s.

During the presentation, Pastor Breau turned the mike over to Ron Hamilton, organizer of the charity ride. He gave a heartfelt speech about Special Olympics. Calling upon the riders to pony up for the fundraiser, he loosened up a few more bills. Shortly before the start of the ride, it was announced that over $5,200 had been raised, for an excellent cause.

Riders were treated to a picnic lunch, courtesy of the church, and then left to enjoy a three hour tour. If you are going to putt around on a Sunday, why not throw the dough you’d spend on lunch toward a good cause such as this? Besides, isn’t it more fun to ride with others? Think of the verbal ammo you can deploy when confronted by yet another uninformed, anti-rider! Not to mention the warm fuzzy feeling you get from doin’ the right thing.

Whether you rode two-up, in a group, or solo, if you attended The Blessing of the Bikes, you certainly weren’t riding alone.


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