video_36[1]Masters of Menace
Directed by Daniel Raskov
RCA / Columbia Pictures, 1990
97 minutes

by Tammy Vrieze

MMM is not paying me enough. I’ve sat through some bad videos in my day but “Masters of Menace” takes the cake. Television’s Sledge Hammer, Daisy Duke and Squiggy hit the pavement with their bad-ass Harley biker club “The Roadmasters” in one of the stupidest films I have ever had the displeasure of sitting through.

A lawyer named Hoover conspires against The Roadmasters in hopes of being elected district attorney. He figures if he can put the bikers behind bars he will win the citizens’ votes. When the club is sentenced to three years probation versus prison, Hoover has them followed knowing they are bound to break the law again. When their mechanic, Gypsy (Jim Belushi) dies in the most asinine death ride ever, the gang heads to Las Vegas to bury him with their nemesis hot on their tail.

I can’t believe I sat through this crap! Cameo roles by John Candy, George Wendt, Dan Akroyd and Belushi could not redeem this film. Not once did I laugh when an obese Akroyd appeared as an Evil Knievel wannabe by the name of Johnny Freedom adorned in a white vinyl body suit with fringe. Not a single chuckle as The Roadmasters took control of John Candy’s Beck’s Beer delivery truck by flaunting a stripper in front of him then pushing him out of the vehicle. I know nine year olds who could write better dialogue!

The video store made a huge mistake by filing “Masters of Menace” in the comedy section. It belongs in their restroom!

I was surprised to discover the film was released in 1990. There was such an early-eighties feel to it. David Rasche, Catherine Bach, Lance Kinsey, Teri Copley and Ray Baker made no attempts whatsoever toward acting in this ridiculous waste of time directed by Daniel Raskov. Bearing only two wheelies, the cycle stunts were a joke and the music was horrendous. “Masters of Menace” left a stench so offensive it lingered in our home for three days. Rent it today!


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