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by Tony Marx

Track day at Brainerd! is hosting a track day at CBIR on Tuesday July 10th. For just 150 clams you get four 30-minute sessions in one of 3 classes, which is a screaming deal in my opinion. Beginners are welcome. All you have to do to your bike, be it a Goldwing or a Ducati, is tape up the lights and signals, remove the mirrors, and make sure the tires are in good condition. Riders will need a 1 or 2-piece suit, made of leather or Cordura that zips together in at least one area. This ensures that most average Joes will be able to use their street riding gear. Boots that cover the ankle and a helmet are also required. Deposits are needed by June 10th and they need more people to meet the minimum attendance goal so contact Sean Edgett @ 952-912-0388 or Sean Harris @ 763-574-1971 with questions or to register. Deposits will be returned if a large enough group is not assembled. My check is already in the mail.

120 Over the Limit
Chicago police may have recorded a new city speeding record during a campaign to stop speeding motorcyclists on the cities Lake Shore Drive. 32 year old Daemond Rogan was clocked doing 160 mph in a 40 mph zone at around 2 a.m. on his 99 Honda CBR600f4. When police finally caught up with him miles later, Rogan willingly pulled over and was immediately arrested. Though he was wearing jacket, gloves and a helmet we at MMM can not condone his actions and remain firm in our position that, safety gear or no safety gear; anything over 150 mph in a 40 is totally reckless.

Hutton Had a Helmet
Old time supermodel Lauren Hutton had a terrible motorcycle accident while on a group ride last fall. The accident which involved her running onto the shoulder, skidding over 100 ft, jumping, landing, and then finally losing it when she struck a pile of rocks, left her with four broken limbs, three broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a mouth full of dirt and rocks. In her first interview since the crash Hutton told Diane Sawyer “I think what saved me the most was that in the next two days something like 14 friends jumped on the next plane from LA and New York.” and “I think they kept me alive.” I think the full-face helmet that friend Jeremy Irons lent her just hours before helped.

EA Supercross
Ricky Carmichael and Kawasaki have ousted Jeremy McGrath and won the EA Sports 250cc Supercross title. Carmichael had 14 first place finishes with 13 of them being back to back, and now shares the “consecutive wins” and “most wins in 1 season” titles with Jeremy. Could Carmichael be Supercross’s new wonderdude? Who knows? McGrath has won the championship every year he has competed except for two and even in those seasons he finished second. He is also number one on the 250cc all time win list with 72 while second place Ricky Johnson has only 28.

AMA Superbike
news42bThe guy everyone loves to hate, Suzuki’s Mat Mladin is leading the AMA points race. He finished 4th at Sears Point California while riding with a healing ankle which he broke dirt biking. Yamaha’s big boy Anthony Gobert won the race with little Nicky Hayden a close second. Round 3 saw Mladin get second and first place finishes at Road Atlanta. So far it’s Mat Mladin (Suzuki) with 136 points, Eric Bostrom (Kawasaki) with 110, and Kurtis Roberts (Honda) with 96.

World Superbike
Round two in Australia went to Honda with Colin Edwards winning the first race, Tadyuki Okada in second and Ducati’s Troy Bayliss in third. Mr. American-as-pie, Ben Bostrom, crashed out after straying off the dry line. Race 2 was canceled after riders complained about the hurricane like winds & rain. Round 3 was in Sugo, Japan and is typically dominated by local track heroes. This year was no exception with Troy Corser (Aprilia) coming in second in race 1. He was the only superbike regular to finish in the top five. Ben Bostrom got fourth in race 2 and was the top superbike regular in that race. Round 4 was in Monza, Italy. Ducati land. Troy Bayliss came through for the factory by putting his 996R in first place for both races. Colin Edwards (Honda) got second place in both race, as did Kawasaki’s Akira Yanagawa with third. Bostrom went down and as a result has a screwed up shoulder and will likely miss the next round in England where Bayliss is sure to stretch his points lead by even more seeing how he was British superbike champ not long ago. Currently it’s Bayliss (Ducati) 150 points, Corser (Aprilia) 122 points, and Edwards (Honda) 120 points.

Late (Shoulder) Breaking News
news42cMMM contributor and hillclimb photographer Don “Crabby” Sheldon was injured when he performed a genuine highside maneuver on the cloverleaf at 169 and 394 in Golden Valley. Proof that MMM’s test riders can push the envelope on occasion. Hope that crooked shoulder straightens out real quick Sheldon. Get well.

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