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So, you’re sitting around the campfire with your compadres after a hard day of riding. They are giving you a little crap for being the slowest guy with the smallest gas tank. Dave keeps bringing up the fact that you can’t afford to replace the pink leathers you are wearing, you know, the ones you bought your ex-wife Helga, her gift to you at the divorce hearing?

Bob pulls up after making a beer run and you are thankful for the break in razing. Bob comments “Expletive! I thought they were twist tops!” Bob forgot that Bass Ale isn’t that kind of beer. “Brits! Can’t make a bike that starts in the rain, can’t make a beer that you can open when pissed!”

Suddenly Dave remembers that you always carry your Leatherman WAVE! That’s right, you went from “Mr. Weenie” to “Yes Sir!” in a case of 12 flat.

Whether you need to open a barley pop or cut down a tree. Perform a basic tracheotomy (you know the M*A*S*H episode I am talking about) or rewire your electric vest. The Leatherman WAVE is a tool you don’t want to leave home without. It is also a well received addition to your current tool kit on the bike.gear49

I purchased my WAVE roughly a year ago upon the advice of a friend and I do not regret the purchase one bit. With a handy belt pouch included, the WAVE offers many useful tools in a small, sturdy package. Tools such as a #2 Phillips and flat screw drivers, needle nose pliers, a file and your choice of knives to cut anything from those pesky wires that keep shorting out to the leather sole your waitress calls a steak.

You will find yourself wishing you had remembered your WAVE every time someone offers you a beer. And thankful it is available 2 hours past Indianapolis, I think to the west, or north…huh, the bike just died…damn…

Make sure you open Dave’s beer last. You happen to look pretty damn good in pink.

Aerostich Riders Wearhouse was kind enough to sell me my WAVE under their list price of $85.00 because I chose to visit them in person. Otherwise you can order it online or over the phone from them at list plus shipping. Make sure you ride up and take a look around, I would be very surprised if you didn’t find something else to buy. Something your significant other will roll their eyes at as you proclaim its’ cool factor!


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