Pak-Lite LED Flashlightgear85b

by Gus Breiland

Ingenious! I can use no other words to describe the Pak-Lite LED Flashlight. Ingenious.

Motorcycling is minimalism. It is a small vehicle compared to the plethora of obese boxes available today. Inherently, the stash pockets, under seat compartments, baggage and widgets of your motorcycle and gear are tiny to reduce mass and weight. Even if you are a Sunday rider, you know the importance of small, functional, packable items to assist you in your journey.

With this precious space being such a limited resource, cases, packaging or boxes of any sort are shed for rolls, multi tools, folding dinnerware, or just plain going without and hoping for the best.

The Pak-Lite LED Flashlight is made for motorcycling. I am sure the inventors did not realize this as they proudly display users of their product as the US Navy, the Red Cross, and FEMA, but there is no reason that you should not have at least one in your riding kit.

The invention of a 15 year old had this reviewer green with envy with a thought bubble over my head that reads “Why didn’t I come up with this?” Who said you need a battery compartment for a flashlight when you can use a 9V battery as its own case? The Pak-Lite LED Flashlight snaps to the positive / negative terminals of the 9V battery, giving you a compact, efficient source of light when you most need it. At 2.33 x 1.02 x .67 inches installed with battery, the Pak-Lite will fit in any space available.

The expected life of the Standard white, on / off version is a minimum of 20 hours of continual use. The bulb will last the rest of your lifetime (10,000 hours) and weight is negligible at 1.5 oz.

Why do you need one of these? Because, you just do. Throw one in your tool roll, one in your first aid kit and one under the seat of your bike.

The Pak-Lite LED Flashlight has so many combinations of colors that you many not be able to decide. You can find them on the web at There are packs of 3 available or LED color combinations that you may not even know you need.

Aerostich has the Pak-Lite LED Flashlight in 4 flavors; Standard white for $14, or Hi/Low white for $28, Hi/Low Green (keep your night vision) for $28 and Hi/Low Red/White for night time map reading for $32. You can find them at


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