Carrying a Knife In To the Gunfight book103

by Eddie Kilowatt

108 pages

Full Contact Publishing

copyright 2007

by Sev Pearman

Poetry at its very best is heartfelt, eloquent, and unique. Carrying a Knife In To the Gunfight, by Eddie Kilowatt (MMM notes the similarity of the authors name to the power company mascot Reddy Kilowatt.- Ed) fulfills at least two of those requirements admirably, being both sincerely honest and, usually, refreshing in topic. The author, seemingly quite comfortable with the image of a badass, presents a genuine, emotional variety to his poetry, even if sometimes, in other areas, such variety is lacking.

I didn’t love the book, but I loved its honesty. Kilowatt writes poetry that, for the most part, doesn’t try to explain the world. It simply presents one man’s corner of it without a lot of pomp and circumstance. At its best points it feels candid and genuine, a quality so many poets lack. The book is broken into three parts; each filled with poems loosely connected to each other. The third section was by far the most satisfying for me, feeling more natural than the early sections.

Overall, the best aspect of the collection for sure is its wild spirit and philosophy. At some point, the swagger does get a little tiresome, however. The endless tales of drunken escapades and countless girlfriends is, at minimum, repetitive.

The bravado doesn’t do much for the effect as a whole beyond weighing it down.

And most detrimental, simply, is the fact that there’s too much of it. The same sorts of stories over and over just feel overdone, and they begin to blur into one another. A heavier editing eye, and even a few omissions, would have given this collection an entirely new facet.

Over all, I’ll say this collection was just fine. Not the next revelation in the poetic sphere for sure, but an interesting addition to the genre. If you think you can handle some obnoxious manly swagger in search of the good stuff hidden in this book, than pick it up and start digging.

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