by Gus Breiland

Depending on your motorcycle, you are most likely missing something that would be handy during routine maintenance; a center stand. As the years pass, many new bikes have this feature shifted to the aftermarket as Bean Counters take over the assembly line, and strike function and quality to keep the costs down.

If you are searching for the ever lost center stand, but don’t want to pay the high prices of factory accessories or aftermarket mark ups, a simple track stand hanging on the wall of the garage will be your best friend.

gear103Handy Industries, known for their large table lifts, also has an ever-expanding line of garage equipment. One item that I use on a weekly basis is my Handy Universal Rear Wheel Stand.

My TDM and KLR have standard box channel swingarms and the Universal Rear Wheel Stand slips under the swingarm and pivots on 2 rollers to lift the bike about an inch off the ground (depending on the lift point on the swingarm). This enables you to lube the chain, clean the lube off the rear wheel, check valves, replace the chain, remove the rear wheel to get new rubber…the list goes on and on.

The stand lifts the bike using 2 adjustable “T” shaped pads. The pad spins freely and can be shifted in and out to adjust for different widths of swingarms. As the stand is pivoted to lift the bike, the “T” pad revolves, too. This enables you to choose the point on the swing arm to lift in case the stand would get in the way of your cleaning or repairs. There is an optional bobbin attachment that allows you to lift the bike with bobbin fasteners in fixed locations.

The Handy Stand is an excellent device that makes lubing the chain easy. I also have a stand that is made for the Domestic Associate’s Hawk with its’ single sided swingarm and hollow hub. Just slide the stands, pin into the hub and push down. Next thing you know, you are maintaining the bike instead of precariously supporting the bike: wishing you had 3 or 4 arms and hoping it doesn’t start to tip. The DA would not be happy if it tipped.

You can find your Handy Universal Rear Wheel Stand and many others at The model number for the URW Stand is #13000 and sells for $84 plus shipping. There are sets of stands for the front and back wheel, and specialty stands like the single-sided swingarms. Handy recommends you order by phone to ensure you get the correct stand for your needs, with the correct lift attachment. Give them a buzz at 1-800-247-7594 and get your stand today.


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