Letter to the Editor

Well after all these 14 years a weld finally let go inside my SuperTrapps. Since I have two sons in college I decided to go cheap and replace with stock Electra Glide mufflers.

I had 70,000 accident free miles on those Loud Pipes. We shall see what the next 70,000 miles shall bring. (Maybe I need an orange vest?) I’m sure a few of my neighbors will notice the difference.

Wish me Luck,

Jim Klatt – via email


Thanks for the letter, Jim.

Welcome to the world of responsible riding. I hope the lack of noise emitted from your Electra Glide has not caused any crashes in your immediate vicinity.

We’re sure your neighbors will notice and appreciate your virtually silent motorcycle. Don’t be surprised if your calendar fills up with barbecue and picnic invites.

Keep us posted Jim. We’re always happy to hear from our readers.

– MMM Editors


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