157_Movie_ReviewEasy Rider: The Ride Back
Pan America Pictures (2013)
99 Minutes, rated R

By Tammy Wanchena

If you haven’t seen “Easy Rider”, I’m sorry, but I am going to dare to give away the ending: the main characters all die. Captain America and Billy are both shot by rednecks on their way to Florida. Knowing that, did you ever ask yourself, where did Captain America come from? What was his family life like? No, me neither. But if that question ever did cross your mind, it turns out there is a sequel; Easy Rider: The Ride Back.

The film begins with Captain America’s (Wyatt’s) sister, Shane, paying brother, Morgan, a visit. Their war hero father is ailing and she wants Morgan to visit him. After dealing some drugs and reminiscing about a hot night of passion Shane once had with Morgan’s friend, Wes Coast, Morgan hits the pavement in some sort of convoluted tribute ride to Wyatt (we think?) and Shane returns home. He is joined by Wes Coast, we assume representing Billy, on the road. 

Then the movie begins jumping from one irrelevant family member to another and we are forced to watch their insignificant dramas play out, adding zero insight into the life of Captain America beyond the obvious points from the original Easy Rider. 

Morgan’s route is supposedly from Mexico to Florida, but judging from the scenery they never made it more than 2 miles from El Segundo, CA. That didn’t matter though as the plot made caring pointless.

There are no words for how truly horrendous this film was. Flashback after flashback after flashback set to a horrible soundtrack went on for seemingly for hours. At one point, I got into a heated argument with a couple people enduring the movie with me. We couldn’t figure out which of Wyatt’s (Captain America’s) brothers they were flashing back to and what the main characters’ names were. They actually thought the characters were talking about their own lives in third person! Apparently there was another brother, Virgil, referenced vaguely, but somehow critical to the inane flashbacks. We literally had to watch the credits to settle it and determine which character’s Grecian Formula application was most evident. 

The only connection this film has to the original was that I prayed it would end the same, all the main characters dead. I am confident the Captain America and Billy are spinning in their graves. I’d love to spoil the ending for you, but I can’t because I still not sure what really happened myself. Watch at your own risk. I warned you.


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