Photo provided by Christy QuinerBy Christy Quiner

It all started with a dad and his four year old daughter at a motorcycle dealership. I’m the daughter and was sitting on

a motorcycle.

“We should get it Daddy, it would fit perfectly in the back of the truck!” I said. 

My feet were not even close to touching the floor.

From that time on, I considered it my mission in life to convince Mom that I needed a motorcycle. 

Dad was all for me getting a dirt bike. But Mom was hesitant. Dad tried to persuade Mom by saying that someday I would ride, and it was better to start on the dirt. Mom felt a little better, but wasn’t completely sold on the idea. One day at work, Dad met a lady who rode a dirt bike. He called us up on the phone and had me talk with her. Then he had her try to convince Mom that I should get a dirt bike. That helped a little bit more. Then finally with a bit more persuading, Mom agreed that I could get a dirt bike.


Soon afterword, I was the proud owner of a 50cc Honda dirt bike! One of my favorite movies was “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. So I named my dirt bike “Chitty Chitty Vroom Vroom”.  

To teach me about money management, Dad and Mom had me take out a loan from the “Quiner Credit Union.” I was so worried about meeting my weekly payment! It was a quarter. I asked Dad and Mom what would happen if I didn’t make it.

They jokingly said, “I guess the bank will just have to take it back then.”


After a couple years on the 50, I bought a Honda 80. I named her “Little Red” because Dad’s dirt bike is named “Big Red”. I bought Little Red with the same “loan process” as with Chitty. 


I’m so blessed that Dad is training me! Since I will be fifteen in March, Dad is getting me ready for my permit test. Because of dirt bike training, I’m familiar with the concept of SIPDE, counter steering, defensive driving and stopping in curves.

My Dad used to be a motorcycle safety teacher. At our cabin, he takes my sister and me through MSF courses. He sets up cones for counter steering, weaves, 90-degree angle turns and circles.


I’m now dreaming of a Honda CRF 250L. That way I can legally drive to the trails to do some dirt bike riding. I have a name picked out for her: “Middle Red” or “Mid Red” for short!

Motorcycling isn’t for all of us, but I urge you to at least try. If you decide motorcycling isn’t for you, I thank you for trying. But if it is, you have just opened up a whole new world to explore and to master.


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