166_MovieReviewDirected by Gabriel Saboff

Pure Flix Entertainment (2013)

88 Minutes (NR)


By Tammy Wanchena

I just watched a ninety minute Public Service Announcement for Christianity under the guise of a “Mad Max like” movie. Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End (2013) is unlike any other outlaw biker movie I have ever seen. The entire movie centers on believing in Jesus in order to survive the apocalypse. And not a badass Mexican biker named Jesus, he is the son of God.

The end came as it was prophesized: like a thief in the night. At least that is what the film claimed. But really we saw signs it was impending throughout. Radio and television reception was failing. Lightning struck at peculiar times. Cell phone reception seemingly improved.

Josh Mc Manus is a traveling salesman with a dark past. His Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is put to the test when some outlaw bikers interrupt his sales call and he is forced to kill them all forcing Hawg, their leader, and the rest of the gang to seek revenge. Will Josh face Hawg’s mighty hammer of vengeance? To be continued….

No, literally. To be continued. There are evidently more movies to follow, in case this one failed to convert the atheists and agnostics. This movie ends before any real post-apocalyptic action takes place, with the promise that it is to be continued. But it does manage to convey that the True Believers will be saved while those remaining on the fence will have some serious praying to do to survive. Stay tuned and perhaps we will review the sequel next month. Just in time for the new Mad Max movie to hit the theaters.

A few key search words will always guarantee a motorcycle movie will pop up in your Netflix queue. Hell, Wheels, Angels, Biker…. I found this movie by typing in Mickey Rourke.  While he does not show up anywhere in this film, this is definitely a film you could see him fit in.  Depending on his religious beliefs, that is. David A.R. White, Brian Bosworth, Eric Roberts and Ray Wise are among the cast members you might recognize testing your faith.

To be continued…



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