by Dan Hartman

March has finally arrived, and winter is almost over. There may be two more months of so-called winter weather, but who cares? I sure don’t. It’s time to start thinking about the riding season. After all, it’s “Bike Week” in Daytona, and on a bike is the place to be. That motorcycle battery that has been charging on the workbench in the basement all winter needs to come out to the garage and go back into the bike, and if the weather warms just a bit more, it’s time to ride!

Winter in Minnesota has been easy this year, very warm. The snow in my backyard is all gone, and if it were 60 degrees, my bike would be on the road. In fact, if it were 60 degrees, I would pack my bike and head for Daytona. Once I got south of the snow line I wouldn’t come back until May just to make sure not to get caught in a late spring snowstorm. Wouldn’t it be tough riding around the south land until the north land warmed again? Springtime in the south land is the most beautiful season…so goes the song.

Well, in reality, winter is still here, but Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly is back again for it’s third riding season. It’s good and getting even better. Our hope is to continue expanding the paper both from the copy and the sales side. We also want to expand circulation in ’98. I know you will enjoy every issue all year long.

Don’t forget to check out motorbyte.com. We are contributing back issues of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly to this web site, so look us up and enjoy some of the articles you might have missed, and then e-mail us at troy@twistedpair.net. We like to hear from you about the newspaper or anything about motorcycling.

After cruising the net, start planning how you’ll be cruising the roads. I am already planning my summer rides. This year I am doing to the 95th Harley-Davidson Reunion in Milwaukee come June, and in August I will ride to the mountains out west in Wyoming and then to the Black Hills and Sturgis for the rally. The summer looks good for motorcycling. It feels great to be at the beginning of the season and to know the summer rides are ahead of us. Ride safe and be free. 


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