by Crash Casey

Sunday morning. It is a beautiful day, the kind of Minnesota morning we all live for. You have spent the last two hours washing and polishing your bike. You even had to move the bike three times to keep it out of direct sunlight. You have achieved the most satisfying of all gleams. You’re worshipping in your own way at that holiest of alters&emdash;The Toe to Toe with the Devil Church of the Shining Bike. Now it’s time to ride. Where to? You can’t face another trip to Stillwater, because the last fifty-seven trips you took there satisfied that urge long ago. There isn’t a ride you can think of that turns you on. There has got to be some new day trip that is exciting, but you are drawing a blank.

This is where we – the brilliant staff at Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly – come in. We’ve all been there. In fact, many a staff meeting ends up dedicated to this exact problem, and now we are ready to unveil a plan that will prevent us all from being faced with this horrible dilemma again. Enter Reader’s Ride.

Every month we will feature one of our readers, their bike and their favorite day trip around the Twin Cities. We’ll even furnish a map highlighting all points of interest: restaurants, bars, service stations, scenic look-outs and anything else you might care to check out. At great personal sacrifice, some of the staff will even do a test run to make sure you receive up to date and accurate information.

To make this wonderful dream come true we need your help. Write, e-mail or call me with your favorite day trip. Let me know who you are and what you ride. I’ll select one reader every month to be featured in an article. When that month’s issue comes out you’ll have your name and picture in the paper, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that on any given weekend, your fellow readers are enjoying your favorite ride. You will be a hero in the motorcycling community. Call, write or e-mail me now. I’ll see you on the road.


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