Born Losersvideo_34

Directed by T.C. Frank

Video 1983 (1967 Release)

112 minutes

by Tammy Vrieze

“He had just returned from the war, one of those Green Beret Rangers. A trained killer, people would say later. Before the war he had hunted down and broken wild horses in these mountains. Some said the reason he was so good at these things and the reason that he lived alone in this forest was that he had some Indian blood in him. Others said he simply didn’t like people. All I knew was his name…Billy Jack.” No this is not the opening monologue from “Grizzly Adams The Second Coming”, rather it’s the lead-in to “Born Losers” the first Billy Jack movie.

When a local finds himself the target of some pent up biker aggression our hero, Billy Jack, evens the odds of this unfair fight with a rifle and a ton of attitude. If you ask me, I say the local had opened up that can of whoop-ass and should have had the guts to finish what he started, but that’s not how it works in the movies. This lands Billy Jack on the wrong side of the law and as the new target of the marauding biker gang.

A depraved initiation of new “mamas” into the gang leads to several members of the gang facing rape charges. In typical movie fashion one of the girls harmed by the bikers becomes Billy’s love interest. This leads to the inevitable show down between Billy and the rogue bikers.

I loved “Born Losers” despite its predictability factor. A combination of wild characters and loads of action kept me from fast-forwarding to the end. Starring Tom Laughlin as Billy Jack, the mountain man of mystery, and type cast as my favorite biker movie sheriff is Jack Starret. Now all I know is his name…Billy Jack.


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