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MMM has always strived to be a progressive publication. In keeping with that tradition, we submit these poems for your consideration. We hope that they mean the same to you as they did to us. But for your safety and the safety of those around you do not read them out loud in public or at any club meetings. – Ed.

An Obsession with Crotch Rockets

by Kellie Lyn Fournier

Pavement waves. Sparkling youth.
Moments of freedom, given out by my father
Late nights of wind in my hair
Gripping, gripping onto his love
An engine throwing us forward together
His pride beyond material possession
Riding black and maroon metal, gleaming, burning
Wheels holding tightly to my innocence, slamming
It forward with each turn.

Hidden lust, covered by feminism
Realization of a glance, for each man plus bike
Radiating in summer heat
I am smiling advice wickedly, knowing desire
Will be met when cash is thrown to a materialistic world
To a rumbling, numbing rocket of power
Straddle and bend over
I will hit on you, pick you up, buy you the world
If I can ride you with it watching over us

Object, provide an escape
Taken out of this place, on all sides
Sophisticated culture
Now, while I still have limited time
Guard these last moments
Pavement waves. Sparkling lost youth.



by Kellie Lyn Fournier

the stench of hot gasoline
lingers as he leaves my presence
leaving me with nothing
but the look in his bloodshot eyes
tired from endless days
and too much pot
my passion for him is like his silver and purple crotch rocket
hitting 90 with us clinging onto its raw power
without this all I am left with is remorse
like the fading black tattoo you got on your 18th birthday
absorbing needles together to prove your love
as it now fades too.


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