“Back to Back”video_40
Directed by John Kincade
MGM/UA Home Video, 1990
95 minutes

by Tammy Vrieze

Now and then a film comes along that leaves a lasting impression on you. “Jaws” continues to keep me out of the ocean. When my glass of water starts to jiggle, I worry if I have pissed off a T-Rex. I can not begin to tell you what kind of impact Oompah Loompas have had on my life.

I can now add “Back to Back” to this list. Alas, the only impression this movie made was the one in my pillow when I passed out cold from boredom halfway through. My loyalty to the paper forced me to continue my suffering. I warn you, dear reader, to pass on this video nightmare.

On first impression, “Back to Back” appears to be a biker flick. Appolonia (Kotera) Prince’s half-naked friend with the big hair, poses on the video cover, astride a metric cruiser with a tough yet mischievous look in her eyes. Push “play” however, and you will find no more than five minutes of cycle coverage. The cast is another eye-catcher, and includes Bill Paxton, Luke Askew (Cool Hand Luke,) Ben Johnson (Dillinger) and Susan Anspach (Five Easy Pieces) If their names are not familiar, their faces will be. Unfortunately, the cast makes no effort toward “acting.”

The ever-so-familiar plot is about two sons trying to clear their father’s name in a town where they are hated by everyone. Appolonia is a hitchhiker who inappropriately hits on the youngest son, a minor, so she can tag along. The whole town knows that the only way justice will prevail (and Dad’s name will be cleared) is if they find the seven million dollars he was accused of stealing 27 years ago.

Set in the mountains of the Pacific Southwest, the scenery is wasted in this film directed by John Kincade in 1990. If you choose to ignore my warning, and watch Back to Back, you might laugh at the Dukes of Hazzardish narration and pathetic dream sequences. But remember this: your VCR has a stop button for a reason. Back to Back is definitely one of them.


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