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 by Gus Breiland

I have always wondered why in the first Star Wars the bad guys were such crappy shots. You know, at the end when Luke is flying around on the Death Star and the bad guys are shooting at him. These are the same guys who have figured out how to build a space station the same size as Pluto but apparently something that assists in aiming is too complicated. After riding in humid and cool weather, I have finally figured it out. They fogged up their helmets. Those silly bastards couldn’t see! Just don’t tell Darth Vader, he gets a little bitchy if you complain about your equipment.

All of you have tried to figure out a good way to get rid of fogging problems. I thought I would try a product called the Foggy. In reading some of the British rags, I noticed a few of the racers wearing it. Being a racer myself (insert laughter here) I thought I would give it a go.

Ya gotta love the web. After searching a bit I was able to order a couple of masks and have them shipped to me from Kosi Products UK ( Each mask was about $16.95 plus shipping. I bought a couple thinking that if I liked it, I could give one away as a recommendation. Guess I will be trying to sell it to someone who does not read this article.gear47

The mask Velcros to the inside liner of your helmet. You have to affix a piece of Velcro (included) on your chin bar. The mask is then attached at the cheeks and chin. After some adjusting you can get the mask to work fairly well, but it takes a little time and quite honestly, it doesn’t work well enough for me to continue to use it.

First problem is if you don’t have it adjusted properly, it either doesn’t work at all or you may suffer a slow painful death as you suffocate within your helmet. Second problem, or maybe it just needs a little redesign, is the plastic nosepiece. It is not adjustable and my nose it apparently too “broad” for it to seal properly. If it was a piece of metal that you could shape, like the 3M disposable facemasks, it may have some potential. Finally, this does not work with glasses at all. The Foggy claims to vent your breath down towards your chin but I found that it wanted to vent into my eyes due to the plastic nose clip.

It could be that I have a fat face. It could be that it does not work well in the Arai (however they sponsor a couple of Arai riders). It could be I did not have it adjusted properly, however I had a hell of a nice winter to experiment with. Or it could be that I had set my expectations too high for this product, I guess it is back to not breathing below 30 mph.



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