Going the Extra Mile: Insider Tips for Long-Distance Motorcycling and Endurance Ralliesbook55
by Ron Ayres
144 pages, $19.95
Whitehorse Press, copyright 2002

by Sev Pearman

Ever wanted to enter a motorcycle rally but had doubts? Are you tired of being the first to bail on a club ride? Ever wonder what you could do to safely squeeze in more miles per day? This month’s selection is just for you.

Author Ron Ayres is a known commodity in the motorcycle Long Distance community. He has completed the Iron Butt Rally (1,000 miles/day for 11 consecutive days) and visited the lower 48 States + Alaska in a little over seven days. 1,000-mile days are entry-level to seasoned rallyists, but may seem unobtainable to the recreational rider. Going the Extra Mile is crammed with tips, tricks and real-world techniques to safely enable you to increase your daily mileage potential.

We at MMM have been known to run the odd 1,000-mile day, and are no strangers to the long-distance riding community. Despite this experience, in the first fifty pages I discovered three tricks to try out this season. The author repeatedly stresses safe riding, and defends endurance events. Ultimately, it is up to you to safely improve your riding technique and distance or decide that you are comfortable where you are.

The author has a light tone unlikely to intimidate newbies. He offers logical tips without BS to improve rider comfort and machine reliability. An entire chapter is devoted to rider safety, and the rest of the text has numerous references to reducing fatigue, mental conditioning and the importance of diet and nutrition. Whether you are riding to Maiden Rock, MN or Plymouth Rock, MA this is the stuff of a successful ride.

Of less interest to us were the rider sidebars. Ayres pads his text with 30-odd biographies of Long Distance Riders. Motorcyclists new to this sport may find the descriptions add a human dimension and personality, but MMM would rather see even more technical tips.

With big miles can come big egos, and Mr. Ayres is never far from listing his many Long Distance accomplishments in the text. He repeatedly plugs his own adventure tour business and isn’t afraid of reciting his many achievements. But we are nitpicking here.

All is forgiven with the Resource Directory. The author has assembled ten pages of club listings, manufacturers, after-market suppliers and anyone else who may be of help to the rider outfitting his or her cycle. Each entry has a brief description of the service or information, the web URL and relevant telephone number(s.) This alone is worth the cover price.

Ron Ayres has written a practical book with information valuable to new riders and Hardcore Iron Butters alike. We guarantee you’ll learn something about you, your riding habits and your motorcycle. Recommended with three-and-a-half out of four cylinders.


Saddle Sore – Full of tips to safely improve anyone’s riding.

Bun Burner – One or two learned rally strategies well worth the price.

Iron Butt – You are probably listed in the index. Buy it anyway.



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