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by Gus Breiland

The age of helmet dressing is upon us. No longer is it good enough to have flashy graphics on your Shoei or Arai, but an industry of adhesive ears and visor inserts is bubbling up to the surface of the dare to be different crowd. For years we have seen “functional” additions to your helmet such as wind buffeting devices, communication inserts and anti-fogging visor films. Now we have some visor inserts redefining the “fun” in “functional”.

With that, this month we received a few holographic inserts for your helmets’ visor. Simply adhere them to the inside of your visor and they become an inexpensive set of sunglass for those bright days while cruising around the lake. On the outside however, and image of wild eyes, bullet holes in glass or a growling tiger appears.

The 3-D holographic images shine reflects out in the bright sun as you pass that mini-van making the kids inside squeal with delight and the parents wonder which of the many mental illnesses you have. Your vision inside is clear and free from obstruction, the glare of the sun has been lessened by a claimed 50% along with 95% of the UV rays your eyes had been absorbing just a day before. The durable scratch resistant surface on the inside limits the amount of annoying lines to look through after you have cleaned the inside of our helmet. One other benefit to these visor inserts is they tend to lessen the amount of fogging on cooler or more humid days.

gear55While not the first thing most mature riders consider, they are fun, even for those old stoic types cruising around town on their Matchless G11 Sport Twin. My guess, however, is that you will see them more on 18 year old Gixer riders (if they are wearing a helmet at all) and young kids on the back of moms Panhead than Mr. Norton.

Would I recommend them, sure! They are entertaining. They are useful. Plus, someone in you riding group has to be the butt of all jokes, why not let that butt be you!

It should be noted that there are more subtle color inserts also available for those feeling the need for less attention.

They retail for $34.95 and are available from ACS Tek by mail or internet. Give them a call at 1-800-435-6384 or online at www.asctek.tzo.com/roof/. ACS Tek also welcomes dealer inquiries for the Holovisors as well as their other lines of products.



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