“Grease 2”video55
Directed by Patricia Birch
Paramount Pictures 1982
115 minutes

by Tammy Wanchena

Same school. Same staff. Same gags. Same rival. Same dance moves. Same plot. The differences are subtle. Instead of souped-up cars, the T-Birds ride motorcycles. Instead of a dance contest, the kids compete in the school talent show. Instead of a nice girl falling in love with a cool guy, we find a nice guy falling in love with a cool girl. Now that’s how to make a sequel!

Sandy’s cousin, Michael (Maxwell Caulfield) has come to Rydell High from England as part of the foreign exchange student program. Based on looks alone, he falls madly in love with Stephanie (Michelle Pfeiffer), the leader of the Pink Ladies. But Stephanie wants a “C-O-O-L rider. No other kind of boy will do. Wo wo wo.” So brainy Michael starts doing the T-Birds homework for cash until he can afford a Honda 305 Scrambler of his very own. Within days he acquires the riding prowess of Evil Knievel. His impressive stunts and his ability to remain mysterious while out-riding the enemy gang cause Stephanie to fall in love with him.

Johnny (Adrien Zmed), head of the T-Birds and Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend, feels threatened by Michael and causes him to jump Hangman’s Curve. Stephanie is forced to perform in the school talent show not knowing whether her cool rider is dead or alive. A break down of emotions brings her to tears and transports her to motorcycle heaven where she joins her mystery rider in silver sequins and an inspiring duet.

I LOVE musicals! The idea of the whole world breaking into song and knowing all the same lyrics while music falls from the skies appeals to me. If only the entire world was capable of incorporating dance choreography and perfect pitch at any given moment of the day, the world would be a perfect place. Think about it. Instead of war, Saddam, Bush and Osama could have a big dance-off to settle all of the world’s differences. Danny Ontario or Don Cornelious could host the ABC Special! If you like musicals, see “Grease 2” but if you’re looking for a biker flick this may not meet your needs.



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