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by Sev Pearman 

One of the most complex and least-understood parts of your motorcycle is the fuel injection system. Manufactures face ever-tightening limits on emissions and noise and fuel injection is one key to meeting these requirements. If you want to modify your current super-sport or just want to understand how these systems work, the Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook is for you.

Author Adam Wade has spent several years as an auto fuel injection technician, has been an AMA Pro Racing mechanic, and has worked for Emgo, Aprilia and Factory Pro Tuning. He is a contributing tech writer for Dual Sport News. He combines his technical experience and writing ability in this fantastic exploration of fuel injection theory and application.

Fuel Injection Handbook is no coffee table book. It is a serious study of the physics, chemistry and mechanical and electrical engineering that are the basis of modern fuel injection systems. While the subject matter is dense, Mr. Wade does an admirable job of dissecting the theory and practice into manageable bites.

There are numerous color graphs and charts that illustrate volumetric efficiency, air-fuel mixture, ignition timing, etc. Additional close-up photos and drawings provide welcome detail on sensors and other system components. It helps to have visual aids when you are learning new theory, and I referred to the illustrations repeatedly.

My own skill set stops at changing jets in four-stroke singles and twins. I have zero experience in fuel injection service or diagnostics. Despite this handicap I was able to follow along and learn fuel injection principles, theory and system schematics.

Best of all Mr. Wade dispels fueling and ignition myths using science and fact. You will read in plain English what octane is and what it can (and cannot) do; why low-compression engines actually produce less power when run on higher-octane fuel; and decipher the bunk about ignition advancers, fuel enrichening hardware and other horsepower “magic bullets.”

The author covers past and current fuel injection systems as used by all motorcycle manufacturers, aftermarket tuning options, remapping trade-offs, race applications, and looks at future developments. If you own any injected motorcycle manufactured since 1980, this book is for you.

Whether you are a new rider who has never touched a wrench, a racer looking for performance edge or a seasoned tuner with years of experience you will find this book to be worthwhile. Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook roars across the finish line with four out-of-four cylinders.

Newbie – You may have to read it twice, but it is worth it.

Bench racer – Loaded with B.S.-cutting facts and information.

Mr. Tuner – Invaluable resource on fueling theory and practice.

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