by Gus Breiland


For many years while transporting my lid from event to event I used the “sock” that came with my helmet for protection. Miscellaneous events had me going from place to place needing to throw the helmet in the back of the truck. Every time I stepped on the brakes I would cringe as I listened to my head saver roll around unprotected. The “sock” was good for protecting the helmet on my shelf from dust and daily wear, but for transportation I needed something better.

This past summer brought a new sport, Trials, and again I found myself traveling in a truck with my helmet in tow. I picked up the Roadgear Ultimate Helmet Garage because it not only provided stable protection for my helmet, but allowed me to keep Trials related gear with my helmet. It is a piece of motorcyclist luggage.

The Helmet Garage is constructed of a Cordura shell with a fleece liner. The bottom is a non-slip Toughtek material to keep the Garage from sliding around during transportation. It has a double zipper that opens the front door into the bag. On the outside of the front door is a zippered pocket for miscellaneous items such as your sunglass case, ear plugs, or a lens cleaning kit. The pocket has an “accordion” construction that allows it to expand if you keep packing stuff in there.

Along the sides are mesh pouches about half the height of the bag and on top is another mesh pouch about half the length. The mesh is a little loose, with an elastic cord at the opening to help keep the mesh pouches closed against the sides of the Garage.

The carry handled is under the “hinge” of the front door. While functional and comfortable, it causes you to carry the bag vertical, shifting the helmet within. I would prefer the handle to be on top to allow the helmet to be carried in the same position as it sits on the shelf.

After purchasing the Garage for myself, I realized it makes a nice, affordable gift as well. I bought one for my DA (Domestic Associate) as she had purchased a new helmet last year and likes to be organized. While it is more expensive than the average helmet protector, the additional storage spaces allow you to group your gear for the event or season. In my case, I have the Trials gear, my daily rider and my Winter lid. In the event that I need to travel with my gear, I can simply grab the correct Garage and head out on the road. My glasses, gloves and any other gear are already in the bag with my helmet, and little or no searching for the various places that I squirrel away my possessions.

If you travel off the bike with your gear often or if you like a tidy gear shelf, I would highly recommend the Roadgear Ultimate Helmet Garage. It is functional, versatile and well worth the protection for one of your most expensive pieces of kit.

You can get your Roadgear Ultimate Helmet Garage at They run $75.90 plus shipping, and come in 5 colors. Roadgear claims a 10 year warranty with a Satisfaction Guarantee of a full refund / replacement within 30 days of its purchase.


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