by Victor Wanchena

This month, MMM is celebrating the publication of our 100th issue. I don’t usually give great significance to numbers. 17 is as good as 68 to me. But in this case ,there is wonderful sense of the accomplishment that comes with the number 100. It’s always been a high measure. 100 mph is fast, 100 years old is really old, and 100 dollars is still a lot of money. So, reaching this number of high measure is quite a milestone for us. I am proud and happy that I am writing this, because the idea that MMM would have this level of longevity seemed almost an impossibility.

MMM was originally founded by Dan Hartman and Troy Johnson. Troy and his wife, Erin, had returned to Minnesota after having lived in San Francisco, then New Orleans, where they had been exposed to local motorcycle publications. An opportunity was sensed and Erin’s father, Dan, agreed to act as publisher, while Troy was the creative force. MMM issue #1 was published in July of 1996. I joined shortly thereafter when I was recruited by Troy to write a story about working as a motorcycle escort for funerals in the winter.

I was asked to contribute further, despite my abhorrent writing skills. I blame that on a misspent youth avoiding English classes. Eventually, I was asked to join the staff as an editor. In 2000, Troy, who had grown tired of past due deadlines, sleepless production schedules, and day old coffee, asked if I would take the reigns as editor. Dan was ready to move on as well, and offered me the role of publisher. If I had only known. I accepted, but only after conning my wife, Tammy, into believing it wouldn’t be that much work; and rode into the new millennium at the helm. It was a joint effort with my lovely wife picking up where I lacked, namely a witty take on biker films and an eye for grammar and speeling. (Assoc. Ed. – I’m leaving this one.)

I quickly realized that I needed more help keeping MMM’s shiny side up and rubber side down. And so, completing the MMM trio came Sev Pearman. His extensive knowledge of motorcycles and rumors of his Oscar for lighting work on a movie were exactly what MMM needed. His easy, Columbo-like style came in handy as he charmed us out of more than one speeding ticket on test rides. Where’s my wallet indeed!

The cover of this month pays homage to many of our columnists and contributors. We had fun gathering the photos for the cover. I’d tell you who everyone is, but making you guess which photo matches each staffer is more fun. Is that Sev with the Winger hairdo on the GSXR?

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all the staff and contributors to MMM that have helped make us into what we are today. We have never been able to offer much in return, other than a meager wage. They have earned good karma putting their opinions and observation to paper. I also need to thank the advertisers. Without their support, we would not be here. And, to the readers, thank you for picking up what we’re putting down. Here’s to the first 100, and here’s to a 100 more.


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