Aerostich Courier Bag Accessories: Shoulder Bag Eyeglass Case & Water Bottle Holster

by Gus Breiland

I commute or travel almost every day with my Aerostich Courier Bag. Actually, at this point, it has become my man-purse. It is a handy piece of carry-on luggage for vacationing and becomes a walking-around bag while I wander the places I visit. It eliminates the tourist-looking camera bag and allows me to carry the 6-pack and treasures back to my hotel to rest up for the next day.

gear109When I was walking the town or hiking up Spirit Mountain during the Very Boring Rally, the Water Bottle Holster was an absolute must. It is a simple sleeve with a drawstring at the rim of the sleeve to hold the average bicycle water bottle; or the not-so-average Aerostich water bottle it comes with. It does an ok job of holding other beverages such as beer and soda while stationary, but if you are roaming the ski grounds a bottle with a resealable top is the better idea.

As with any of the Aerostich Courier Bag Accessories, the 2-inch wide hook and loop collar that wraps around the bag’s strap works with almost any bag or backpack. The add-ons place necessary items in easy-to-reach places while opening up valuable real estate inside your bag (or removing spillable items from inside your bag). You don’t need to set your bag down to grab a drink, allowing you to hydrate between events or just keep truckin’.

While working, I can grab my lunch, something to read over breaks and my iPod for the ride/drive in and toss them into my man-purse. My job requires safety glasses at times and I am not always on the same bike or in the same car. I needed a way to carry my glasses without having them tumble around in the bag with the rest of my possessions.

Then came along a visionary, a sage, a gifted lad who prototyped an Eyeglass Case and presented it to Andy Goldfine of Aerostich. As the Courier Bag Accessory Prophet came to him in an afternoon appointment, the room became bright with enlightenment. Birds began to sing and when this youthful designer laid his creation in front of Mr. Goldfine, he began to weep. Andy offered riches, fair maidens and unlimited free catalogs for this new piece of riding gear accessory, but all items of value were turned down. A mere mention in the ‘stich catalog was (dare I call him genius?) all that this genius of gear and gearatude wanted.

The Eyeglass Case is actually very handy. I use it every day whether it be for sunglasses or my safety glasses. It protects the lenses from the clutter of my man-purse and allows easy access and storage while walking in and out of my work buildings. It makes for a nice, quick gift, too as the case can attach to camera bags, purses or yes, even courier bags.

The Eyeglass Case (item 9136) sells for $30.00 and the Water Bottle Holster (item 1913) sells for $24.00. An extra water bottle (item 1983) is available for $6.00. You can order at or load your friends in a car and head on up. Both items are excellent gifts for fellow riders and travelers. Pick up a couple of each and stick them in your last-minute gift closet. They will be appreciated.


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