The Perfect Motorcycle: How to Choose, Find and Buy the Perfect New or Used Bike book118

by Kevin Domino

288 pages, $17.95

671 Press, 2009

by Lee Bruns

How many of you have fallen in love with a bike on the showroom floor and bought it only to find your dream bike left you cold once out on the road? In The Perfect Motorcycle, life-long rider and Minnesota author Kevin Domino attempts the near-impossible: subtitled How to Choose, Find and Buy the Perfect New or Used Bike, the book guides buyers through the mass of criteria in choosing the one right motorcycle for each rider’s skill level, finances, style preferences, mechanical skill level and much more. Work sheets included in the book cover total cost of ownership to help potential buyers better understand the true cost of one bike model over another. The end result is a comprehensive tool to aid in the motorcycle-buying process.

The author groups bikes into several classes and examines a selection of suitable new or used machine of each type. Mr. Domino lists a tool kit to assemble as an aid in the inspection process for used bikes. This stem-to-stern inspection process should save buyers a lot of money on surprise repairs and put them in a better position to purchase a used bike from a position of knowledge. One surprise repair job will pay for the book many times over. These and other worksheets are available on the internet at

The chapter titled “The Art of War – Strategic Negotiation Tactics” left me cold. In this chapter, the author tackles price negotiation between you and the private seller or dealership. As a frequent seller of used bikes, I would never tolerate being spoken to in the manner Mr. Domino suggests. A hostile buyer may save a few dollars on the purchase price when buying a motorcycle off the sales floor but could end up paying a lot more in the long term.

A buyer who allows the dealer to make a profit on the sale price will find that they save many hundreds more on “good guy” deals on parts or service costs. Building a friendly relationship with your dealer can pay huge dividends. There is still great value and information in the chapter but if followed to the letter you will likely offend most sellers. The motorcycle world can be very small at times. Don’t make enemies when you can avoid it.

Chapters on rider training, owner’s clubs, pre-ride checklists and apparel are also included for after the purchase has been made. In the end The Perfect Motorcycle is a highly informative book and a valuable aid in any new or used motorcycle purchase. Recommended for riders of all experience levels. The Perfect Motorcycle is available from

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