Hip Replacement

by Bruce Mike

Hello readers. My name is Bruce Mike. I’m the new guy behind the handlebars here at MMM® I figure this is my opportunity to tell you about myself. I am passionate about motorcycles or anything with a motor. As soon as I see it, I want to ride it, drive it or at least start it to hear how it sounds. I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 30 years. I’ve owned everything from dirt bikes and sport bikes to cruisers and scooters.

My current daily rider is a 2006 H-D Roadglide. It has after-market exhaust that is not ridiculously loud. I ride 7,000 – 8,000 miles a year. I rarely wear a helmet. I sometimes ride in shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. I don’t believe loud pipes save lives and I have no issue with people wearing proper riding gear. I also wave at anyone on a motorcycle, scooter, moped and occasionally, a tractor.

My riding skills wouldn’t qualify me to be on a track. I have crashed on the street four times, but have never earned an injury that required hospitalization. Since my early thirties I’ve slowed down a lot. The journey has become more important to me than the destination. My days of wheelies, burn-outs, pounding out miles and driving too fast seem to be behind me. Riding motorcycles is far more important to me than washing them or making them pretty. I’m definitely a function-over-form guy. All that being said, I enjoy seeing a good wheelie or burnout and I have tremendous respect for long-distance riders and people who turn their bikes into works of art.

I’ve been an avid reader of the Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly or many years. I’ve always looked forward to the bike, gear, movie and book reviews as well as taking advantage of the free classifieds. Like you, I’ve been entertained by the feature articles and regular columns.

I met Sev and Victor years ago while participating in The Minnesota 1,000. I’m not certain of the exact number of times I’ve ridden it, but I do know I rode the first year and the year we riders set a world record. I tend to be somewhat chronologically challenged.

I come to the paper with over 25 years of experience in advertising and print production. My background is more on the art side but I’ve written a story or three. I realize I have some big shoes to fill – literally – but I look forward to bringing you more of what you’ve come to expect from Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly.

I have no big changes in mind for the Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly. Publisher Wanchena will continue to cook up story ideas like the Cheap Bike Challenge. You can expect more of the same from all your favorite contributors and columnists. I may assign Editor Pearman to cover Sturgis or a Stunt-a show.

I’m excited about this new opportunity and I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of how I’m doing or your feelings about MMM. After all, it is you readers who have voted us “Most Absorbent” three years in a row.


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