Slime Power Sport Tire Inflator

by bj max

It’s one o’clock in the morning and you’re returning from an extended motorcycle trip. To avoid the hassle of Interstate travel you have chosen to ride a two-lane that rambles through the Mississippi Delta. The weather is a balmy 72 degrees and out here in the inky darkness you can actually see the stars. Millions of ‘em. You’re cruising along, reveling in the beauty above, when suddenly you are jolted back to earth with the agitated beeping of your tire monitoring system signaling that the unthinkable has finally nailed you. You’ve got a flat tire clean out here in the middle of nowhere, all by your lonesome.gear118b

Fortunately this has never happened to me but I’ve thought about it a lot lately. My last two bikes spoiled me with factory-installed onboard air compressors and a situation such as the one above could, in most cases, be remedied with a tire plug kit and a flash light. But my latest ride does not have this little luxury and every time I ride by myself I am haunted by the possibility of the scenario above. So I began searching for a portable air compressor, one that met my high standards, that is to say, it had to be cheap.


Enter the Slime 300 PSI Power Sport Tire Inflator. Now I’ve seen these units at Wally World and in some of the local auto parts stores for $39.95 but I just couldn’t make myself turn loose of that kind of dough. Then, while browsing a Gander Mountain catalog, I ran across an identical unit. It was on sale for a measly $19.95, shipping included. I just couldn’t resist and whipped out my credit card and ordered one.

The Slime Tire Inflator was a handsome piece as far as air compressors go and at 2.2 lbs., it felt solid as well. Not quite as compact as I had imagined, but I could easily hold it in the palm of my hand. Included with the compressor were several interchangeable power adapters that should accommodate almost any situation. All of ‘em come with SAE connectors and are stuffed into a plastic storage pouch that packs away with the compressor in a sturdy zip-up case.

So how does this thing work in the field? Well, pretty good actually. To test it, I let all the wind out of my rear tire then hooked up the Slime Inflator and flipped on the little switch. BRRRRRRRR. IT’S A NOISY LITTLE SUCKER BUT HEY, IT IS AN AIR COMPRESSOR. HAND ME THOSE EAR PLUGS WOULDJA’? THANKS….There, that’s better. In sixty seconds flat (pardon the pun) this little sucker had pumped ten pounds of air into my tire. Not bad, but as the tire pressure increased, the compressor had to work harder and it took a full six minutes to force in the remaining thirty-one pounds. But still, not to shabby.gear118c

While I was at it I checked my front tire. It was two pounds low so I attached the quick chuck, flipped on the switch and in thirty seconds it actually over-inflated my tire by one pound. I was impressed. Even though Slime warns you not to run the unit over eight minutes without letting it cool, I ran mine a full twelve minutes and it wasn’t even warm, much less hot.

My overall impression of the Slime Power Sports Tire Inflator, other than it’s name, was positive. The little plastic bag for storing the power adapters split after opening it a couple times but that doesn’t take anything away from the performance of the compressor itself. A 12mm wrench should have been included because connecting and removing the air hose to the compressor requires one. Other than that, two thumbs up. There’s no doubt this thing will get you back on the road in an emergency and the peace of mind alone is worth the cost.


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