by Guido Ebert

Thanks for picking up the March issue of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly (MMM) – the first issue of the magazine to be published in 2013 and my first issue as editor. My name is Guido (Geedo) Ebert. Born in the U.S. of legal aliens from Back CameraGermany, I found my fondness for motorized two-wheelers in Europe during seasonal family visits in the 1970s and 80s. That affinity for buzzy 2-strokes and fast-acting Autobahn burners ultimately turned my attention to what was available back at home in the U.S. market.

I purchased my first motorized two-wheeler, a 49cc single-cylinder Tomos “Golden Bullet” moped, in Hopkins, MN, with $750 granted by my grandmother living across the Atlantic. It was that little bike that helped teach me – an 8th grader at the time – the rules of the road, expanded my metro area travels, and truly opened my eyes to the sport, pastime and benefits of commuting that two-wheelers offer. 

Flash forward 20 years and, after schooling, some time in Europe and a newspaper stint, I found myself working with a team of staff editors, contributing writers, and creative talent as managing editor of trade publication Powersports Business; assisting in formulating strategic direction for Powersports Business magazine and; and contributing content to sister publications ATV Magazine, ATV Sport & Snow Goer.

After my time at Powersports Business I joined Advanstar Communications to serve as senior editor of motorcycle trade publication Dealernews magazine, and, also supplying content to 2-Wheel Tuner magazine, and the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) catalog of media products.

Now, after working as a powersports industry press representative, speaker, analyst and consultant for businesses in the U.S., Europe and Asia, I look forward to spending time with publisher Victor Wanchena, managing editor Bruce Mike, and a competent crew of contributors to bring you bike & product reviews, industry news, market trends, rider & club profiles, and other tales that tell the story of motorcycling & scootering in our beautiful state of Minnesota.

Motorcycling – like fishing, golf, running and bicycling – is hugely popular here in the North Star state, and so it only makes sense that we have an outlet that represents the rider community – from novice to expert, scooterist to touring enthusiast. In fact, motorcycle ridership is at record-high levels in Minnesota, with more than 230,000 registered two-wheelers and approx. 400,000 licensed operators.

As I write this in my garage, sitting next to my stock, triple black Suzuki SV1000S, punched out two-stroke Stella scooter and old Tomos, I celebrate the waning days of winter and look forward to another riding season spent exploring the roads that connect the communities we call home.

Take a look at what we’ve assembled in this issue. There’s a review of the designed-in-Minnesota Victory Judge loaded with accessories, the usual news round-up, your favorite columns by Thomas Day and B.J. Max, some parts, garments & accessories that could prove useful, and a special section devoted to information that may ease your transition back onto the road after our relatively long winter season. I hope you dig it.

Finally, a special thanks to you, the readers and advertisers, who along with the staunch support of owner/publisher Wanchena have allowed MMM to thrive.

MMM is available for pick-up at nearly 300 locations throughout the state or via subscription. Have ideas or concerns? Feel free to send us a note. We’re Minnesota’s motorcycle media outlet and we’re here to serve you.

Until then, ride smart and have fun.


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