Victory World Record Attempt

A Swiss rider, Urs Pedraita, will be attempting to beat the world record for riding all six continents this March. Riding a Victory Cross Country Urs, better known as Grizzly, will leave from 172_ATNDaytona Bike Week at 1 pm Friday March 11th.  His goal is not simply to circle the globe, but actually ride across six of the seven continents in under 100 days. He also plans to touch a wheel in Antarctica, though it appears that visiting the seventh continent is not required for the record attempt. According to Victory the current record stands at 120 days, though a search of Guinness World Records did not immediately reveal who holds that record.

Urs is no stranger to endurance feats having ridden a Cross Country 9,000 miles in 37 days during a winter. His strategy is to keep moving at a steady pace to minimize stops. His Cross Country has been outfitted with a few extras to help cope with the long hours and big miles including a 7.5-gallon fuel tank, a custom seat, and extra lights. His goal date means he needs to return to Daytona by June 17th, 2016 to hit the 100-day mark.

You can follow his progress on his website or by using the Grizzly Tracker app which shows where Grizzly is at any time during the attempt available from the same site.

Buell Liquidation

It is reported that Erik Buell Racing’s remaining assets were sold in January to Liquid Asset Partners of Grand Rapids, Mich. Liquid Asset

has a history in the motorcycle industry, working with major manufacturers and distributors to sell assets and intellectual property. According to a press release from Liquid Asset Partners they plan to find a buyer who is willing to continue manufacturing EBR motorcycles. They also plan to sell excess assets of EBR to streamline operations. It is unclear what the assets are. They reportedly paid  $2 million for the EBR manufacturing assets as part of bankruptcy proceedings.

Ice Wheelie

Two riders are reported to have set the world record for the fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice.  Jason Farrell and Cecil “Bubba” Myers chose February 7, that’s right Superbowl Sunday, for their attempt to break the Guinness record for motorcycle wheelie on ice.  To qualify for the Guinness World Record the wheelie must be maintained for over 100 meters.

The record run was reported to have taken place at Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin.  Meyers was using a Kawasaki H2 and Farrell a Kawasaki ZX10R both with the heavily studded tires. Myers claimed practices were at speeds in the 136 to 140 mph range. The previous Guinness record was 128.06 mph by Robert Gull of Sweden in Årsunda, Sweden, in February 2015 using a BMW S1000RR.

Despite the gusty the winds that day the new record is reportedly now 134.8 mph. According to messages posted to social media ”So today was the day for the record books… Fastest wheelie on ice and longest stoppie. I believe the new wheelie record is 134.8mph and longest stoppie is 252 feet.”

According to what was reported Myers set a new record for the wheelie at 132 mph and Farrell answered back with the 134.8 mph run.  A third rider, Ryan Suchanek, is reported to have set the longest stoppie on ice record. Guinness officials were reported to have been on hand to validate the record attempts, but have not officially posted either of these records yet.

2016 AMA Ice Race Grand Championship Postponed

Thanks a lot El Nino. The 2016 American Motorcyclist Association Ice Race Grand Championship originally scheduled for Feb. 13-14 in Waterford, Mich., has been rescheduled for Feb. 27-28 at Mitchell State Park in Cadillac, Mich. “We have moved the race location nearly 175 miles northwest of the original location, where temperatures have been colder and the ice should be safe to race on,” said AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant. “Bundle up, bring your bikes and ATVs, and we’ll see you out there.”

The event schedule calls for competitors to battle for AMA National No. 1 plates in a variety of classes on the oval track on Saturday and the grand prix on Sunday. On Saturday night, a non-championship rubber-tire enduro race will be run under the lights.

An AMA specialty award for Ice Racer of the Year and Youth Ice Racer of the Year titles are on the line for this event. The AMA Ice Racing Grand Championship features classes for riders from 4 years old to 50-plus competing on bikes that range from lightly modified off-road machines to full-on, purpose-built ice racers.

For more information about this event, visit

Save the Salt

MMM has a long time love of the Bonneville Salt Flats one of the last bastions of grass roots racing in America. Unfortunately, the salt is in trouble. According to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management the Salt Flats are in a threatened condition and could cease to be usable in the future without action.

In 2015 all events were canceled because of the poor condition of the salt and because of wet weather. The natural track, which once was 13 miles long has been reduced to just 8 miles and isn’t long enough for the fastest jet-powered cars.  The AMA is working with the Save the Salt Coalition, the Utah Alliance and other groups as well as government officials to devise a plan to save the Salt Flats.

During a September meeting, representatives of the BLM, Intrepid Potash mining company, land speed racers, geologists, engineers and government officials identified ways to restore the salt flats and protect the area from future harm. The group is conducting engineering studies and plans to bring all findings and recommendations together into a Land Speed Racing Position Statement.

Key to saving the racing area is protecting it from mud runoff from nearby mountains, and additional salt brine must be pumped into the area. Steve Salisbury, AMA government affairs manager for off-highway issues, says the immediate goal is to restore a 3- to 5-mile section of very high-quality salt. The AMA plans to continue lobbying for more preservation efforts in Washington.

Monument Designation Will Penalize

Off-Road Riders

President Obama’s designation of three new national monuments in California penalizes off-road riders by eliminating existing trails and riding areas in the Mojave Desert, the American Motorcyclist Association reports.

“The American Motorcyclist Association is calling on all off-road enthusiasts to press Congress for the restoration of lost riding areas,” said Wayne Allard, AMA vice president of government relations. “We cannot allow our responsible access to public lands to be further eroded.”

The president designated the Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow and Castle Mountains national monuments, using his authority under the American Antiquities Act eliminating 142,000 acres of off-highway-vehicle recreation areas.

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has pushed bills in Congress to obtain monument status for the land. And U.S. Rep. Paul Cook, whose district encompasses the area, introduced a similar bill. Both bills also would have protected OHV areas already in use. However, when her efforts proved unsuccessful, Feinstein petitioned the president to use his authority under the Antiquities Act.

Feinstein’s political maneuvering came at the behest of national environmental lobby groups determined to include the largest swath of land possible in the monument designation.

Feinstein pledged Friday to introduce new legislation in Congress that would provide permanent protection for five off-highway recreation areas covering about 142,000 acres within the new monuments. She said protection of the OHV areas could not be included in the president’s action.


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