Valdez is a Hoax! A Spoof!

Just A lot of Spilled Ink.

Last month we ran a story under the headline Sneak Peak: The Valdez V8. It turns out that we made that one up. April fools!

Ken Madden took my hazy half-baked idea for an April fools article and produced the fabulous drawings of the fully conceived bike, complete with logo. I showed the drawings to Michael Kamrad and Lee Meyer over coffee one evening and the particulars of the Valdez quickly appeared on two scraps of paper.

We tried to make the Valdez somewhat believable yet we threw in plenty of clues pointing at our humorous intentions. A number of things were so outrageous that we thought they would be dead give-a-ways (The travel itinerary, the streamliner kit, the paint schemes…). Many of you, however, apparently did not catch on. It was surprising to find ourselves being congratulated by readers for making the big time and going to Japan.

While M.M.M. #7 was on the stands an article appeared in the Star Tribune that may have helped the Valdez’s credibility. It touted the new engine Ford has put into the Taurus SHO. A very small V8 manufactured by Yamaha.

If we fooled you with the Valdez story, we’re sorry. Go ahead. Reread it. Laugh this time, and stay on your toes next April.


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