by Dan Hartman

What a Spring it’s been–warm and sunny with trees budding and flowers in bloom. The other day I stopped at a store to pick something up, and the salesperson behind the counter was talking about the great spring weather. Other customers were talking about the great spring weather. Everyone was talking about the great spring weather. I couldn’t help but think how right they were. For the first time in three or four years we have a spring, a true Minnesota spring. In the past, the winter would end the last week of May, and suddenly it would be summer with temps over ninety and high humidity. Not so this year, and I love it. The motorcycles are out, and people are having fun. It sure energizes me to see everyone on the road with smiles on their faces. We beat winter again, and it’s time to play.

I, myself, rode every weekend in April, and May looks even better. My only problem are those work hours that cut into my riding time. I wish I could ride every day and not worry making money. But I do…for now anyway. Someday I will run off and not worry about making a living. Someday I will run off on a beautiful spring day.

May is not only the time to get your bikes on the road, it is also the time for the Blessing of the Bikes. This annual event at the Cross of Christ Community Church (1985 Diffley Road in Eagan) isn’t a bad idea. We could all use extra help to ride safely through the season. It’s to happen on May 17, and I’ll be there. The pastor, Rev. Richard Breu, and his wife are motorcycle enthusiasts and the service is inspiring. There’s music and food from church members. Everyone is welcome.

In April, a motorcyclist and friend of mine got married. Jim Merkl of Champlin married a great lady by the name of Diana Lafayette of Lake Elmo. I was late for the wedding as usual, but I got there to congratulate them. Jim plans the bike trips I go on each year, so there were motorcycles and motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere in the little town. I’m happy for him and Diana. It’s nice to see things like this happen to good people.

M.M.M. is bigger and better this month. Yes, it’s twenty-eight pages long, not twenty as in the past. Thank you to our advertisers and to our writers who made this possible. The newspaper gets better every month thanks to everyone’s hard work. I hope you enjoy this issue from cover to cover. After all, the paper is for you, the reader, to enjoy. That’s why we do it.

The season is just beginning, so take it easy out there. Get your sea legs first. Judgment is the key. Don’t forget to ride safe and be free.



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