Talking With Lissa Goldenreader26

by Crash Casey

Lissa Golden contacted me via e-mail a couple of months ago, expressing her interest in being interviewed. I put her off for a while under the guise of having other things lined up. I knew she rode Harleys, I knew that she rode an insane amount of miles. I also knew she had a weird artistic bent. She would talk to me on the phone for as long as I wanted while she was at work. She offered to bring beer to the interview. I knew from the photo she was very attractive. It’s time to come clean. I had an ulterior motive. The reason I put off the interview for a couple of months and phoned her twenty eight times to iron out the details? Crash had a big old crush!

M.M.M.: Do you remember the very first time you rode?

L.G.: Ha! Yes. I had never driven a bike before and someone had to drive my Sportster home for me. My friend was all excited that I had a new bike to ride. This is one scenario that disproves that old saying “ignorance is bliss”. I had never ridden, so I had no idea what I was missing. I was actually AFRAID to get started. My friend brought me to an abandoned parking lot and showed me how everything worked. I told him he had to get lost and let me practice on my own. I moved forward two feet, then stopped, just to get a feel for it. Eventually, I found my courage and went five feet, then ten and then tackled turning. I ended up putting on 100 miles in that parking lot that day. I went home feeling both exhausted and exhilarated.

M.M.M.: How long have you been riding?

L.G.: In “biker years” or “human years”? In human years that would be since 1991, in biker years that would be approximately 110,000 miles I guess. Very little of which was done in a parking lot.

M.M.M.: What bikes have you owned?

L.G.: I had a 1991 Harley-Davidson Sportster that I loved and had a hard time parting with but I had a big ride coming up and needed something a bit more comfortable. That’s when I bought a 1993 Harley-Davidson FXR.

M.M.M.: What’s the most memorable ride you’ve ever had?

L.G.: Death Valley. Five of us went, one pulled a trailer with every luxury in it, including an ice cream maker. It was hot and we wanted, of course, to make ice cream. Three went to town to get ice for it but the whole town was out of ice so they went to the hotel and stole saddle bags full of ice. Even though I wasn’t one of the thieves, I felt quite villainous, nothing could ruffle my new “tough” exterior, that is, until the scorpions came out en masse and freaked me out.

M.M.M.: Let’s say you were to school an emotionally handicapped and commit mentally challenged biker in ways to win your heart. Give me the three number one must do’s

L.G.: 1) I need to be the goddess 2) I need to be worshipped 3) I need to be the queen does that help? Oh, I forgot Brie…I like Brie too.

M.M.M.: What are some of the other places you’ve been while touring?

L.G.: Of the 16 states and five provinces I’ve ridden in, much of it has been in the west. I love Glacier National Park, Banff, Jasper, Vancouver Island. Highway 1 along the west coast and the Highway 1 through Alaska are both beautiful. I hope to get to the east coast and ride in the rest of the states.

M.M.M.: What’s the most miles you’ve done in a day

L.G.: It was close to a thousand miles. I talk about it now like it’s really hard core and that it wasn’t difficult, but it was my first time going so many miles and it WAS difficult. When I got home I hated my bike. I think I parked it, still packed from the trip and didn’t even LOOK at it for two weeks. Now I’m more prepared for a long ride–it’s what I live for.

M.M.M.: Give me one destination for the ultimate fantasy ride and the three people from history that you would take with you.

L.G.: Good question, I don’t operate in fantasy mode very often so you’re really pushing me here. That ride would include every kind of scenery i.e.; desert, forest, mountains, ocean, tropics–you get the picture. Perfect roads and minimal fatigue so I could just keep riding. Oh, and NO big ugly bugs that fly up my sleeves and splat all over the inside of my jacket, like a grasshopper once did to me. The only part of it I could find was one of it’s legs–that leg was at LEAST four inches long …eeeeuuuwww. As far as people I’d take with me…Leonardo De Vinci would definitely be one of them. He could come up with cures for things, make some beautiful artwork, engineer a bridge or something, and I’m sure he could probably fix stuff…I can’t fix a thing so that could be invaluable. I’ve also heard he’s great at parties. Frank Lloyd Wright, he’d build a nice home for when I found a place I’d like to stay for a while. Zora Neale Hurston so she could write good stories to read. Can I take Sacajewea too, so I don’t get lost?

M.M.M.: What’s your favorite day ride?

L.G.: There are a lot of good day rides…hmmmm. I’ve enjoyed taking Hwy. 47 up to Mille Lacs Lake and driving around the lake. Going back, I like to take 27 to 65 south to 3 to 48 into Wisconsin and head down 35 crossing back over into Minnesota at Taylor’s Falls and 95 back home. If there’s time, while in the Mille Lacs area there are great roads north of Brainerd through Chippewa National Forest.




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