by Victor Wanchena

There are subtle changes afoot at Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly. The inmates are running the asylum. I refer to changes that have occurred in the masthead to the left of this column. (That’s fancy journalist talk for the list of people who run and work for the paper.) In a highly leveraged buyout / coup that makes the Whitewater scandal look like a bad till count at a local Quickie Mart, a new team has risen to the top of this vast media empire known as Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly. Well sort of.

The reality is that the founder of MMM, Mr. Dan Hartman has decided to retire to his villa in the south of France. Well, not really. Actually Dan has decided to let new blood take a stab at driving his baby into the ground. Secondly the long-suffering senior editor Troy Johnson has decided to take a break from the long sleepless nights of past due deadlines and day old coffee and pursue his lifelong dream of owning a llama ranch. He still stops by occasionally to help with layout and with samples of different llama based products. actually, that’s a lie.

The truth of it all is that the founders of MMM, Dan Hartman and Troy Johnson, have hit the open road in search of adventure and have left MMM entrusted to the dynamic duo of Victor Wanchena and Sev Pearman. We’re happy to accept the challenge and look forward to serving you, the motorcyclists of Minnesota, but we’ll spare everyone the same tired rhetoric about big plans and creating new paradigms. The fact is that we are just going to put out the same paper you have known and loved for the past four years. The only real change for 2000 is the number of issues we’ll publish this year has been cut to six issues. There will be a fresh issue on the stands every six weeks through the summer and into the fall.

So now you may be wondering what to do. You had just began to agree with MMM’s one-sided opinionated views of life, love and all things motorcycle. Don’t worry, we promise to continue to strive for the kind of one-sided opinions that were once only available in the big national glossy publications.

So take a word of advice from us, ride fast and take chances.


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