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How many times have you found yourself in this situation? It’s a dark moonless night; you’re standing roadside trying to read a map with only the flickering light from your cigarette lighter to illuminate your guide home. Having actually tried this I can attest to the fact that it does not work all that well. Now there is another option for night time navigation. It’s called the Glo-Page. It’s an acrylic pane with a light bulb and power source on one end. The Glo-Page provides you with glare free illumination of maps, books or whatever else you might need to read. The light in the Glo-Page is prismatically captured inside the acrylic pane providing you with a great way to view maps in a tank bag. gear41The Glo-Page is powered by 4 AA batteries and they have a useful working life of several hours. The overall size is 5.5″ by 10″ which means it will easily fit in most tank bags. The Glo-Page is controlled by a small switch on the top of the unit and it has a high and low power setting. While it may not be as nice as spreading maps all over the table at some 24 hour truck stop, it lives up to the promise of being a better way to read a map on the fly. It also is a nice alternative to a lantern when reading in a tent. My only compliant about the unit is that the switch is rather small to be used by a gloved finger but I’m sure the really technically suave readers out there could devise a better switch setup. Maybe something rigged off a Clapper. Made by a company called US Acrylic, Inc., the Glo-Page is available from RiderWearhouse for $15. Call 1.800.222.1994 or


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