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I hate sunglasses. Really, I hate them. However, I have an odd quirk. I hate riding without sunglasses. Without the ability to flip my shield up on a hot day, I would have a hell of a time riding.

So now I come to my next dilemma. I want clear specks for night riding. Tinted for sunny day riding and yellow for gloomy days. Hell, bronze is damn nice to have too! But 4 pairs of sunglasses, I don’t think so.

While looking around for a while I came across my Smith SL-2. Why? One frame, removable lenses that are both compact and easily removed and replaced, and multiple lens colors including clear. My kind of glasses. With this set of specs, I can have 4+ sets of glasses, 1 glass case and they all fit in the breast pocket of my jacket. Now if they only made CD’s so compact.gear48

The shopping included taking in my helmet and the snickering of the girl behind the counter as I donned my plastic head and started to try on different shades. I would highly recommend this. It would be a real bummer to come home with a $100+ pair of specs only to find that they don’t fit in your helmet. The Smiths fit nicely. They were stylish if you care and affordable compared to what 3 pairs of Oakleys or Gargoyles would go for.

I found my Smith’s at REI in Bloomington Minnesota. I am sure that other outdoor stores will have them. The SL-2 currently goes for $99 dollars. Frames, case, brown, bronze, and yellow lenses. Other lenses can be ordered at either brick and mortar outlets or online for roughly $20-$48 per set. Scratch a lens, order up another set of lenses, without paying the price for new glasses.


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